Thursday, August 9, 2012

You put the balm on? Who told you to put the balm on?

They should use him as their spokes model...
he loves using the balm on his mosquito bites!
And he's super cute to boot!

This is my newest discovery!  Love this stuff.  Thanks to my brilliant in-laws (brother and sister), for introducing Bag Balm to me!  That's right, it's for chapped and caked bovine teats, but works beautifully on human skin as well.  Just read this testimonial from Shania Twain.  And just in case you're wondering, it also works marvelously on human teats.  Those would be my husband's teats. He has developed chaffed nipples from running and applied some Bag Balm to said nipples...problem solved. Works wonderfully for chaffing of any kind, problem skin areas (hands, feet, elbows), and also works as an antiseptic (ie: pimples and mosquito bites, cuts and abrasions).  Many products in one jar!  Now if I could only get my husband to stop reciting this scene from Seinfeld every time he puts the balm on.

Moving right along.  I was excited to run yesterday with my gal Beverly.  We haven't run together in a couple of weeks because she was away on vacay.  I missed her and our runs terribly, but the world has returned to normal once more now that she is back.  She is going to be my relay partner in the Around the Bay 30k race this coming March.  We need to get off our asses and quit talking smack and register already.  It's not a reality until I have the registration confirmation number in my hot little hands.

Speaking of hands, I went to get my nails filled this morning and my manicurist kept staring at me. I haven't seen him for three weeks and he kept staring and staring at me.  I finally asked him what was up and he said I looked very different to him today.  It hasn't been that long since we've seen each other and he says I've lost more weight.  I know that I have because my clothes are once again baggy.  I have three sizes right now.  Size 16's I'm wearing with a belt, 14's that are getting very loose, and one pair of size 12's that I'm fitting into comfortably.  I need another wardrobe overhaul, but it hurts to spend more money.  I can't wait until I reach goal and can just stay at the same size indefinitely.  Or at least I better be at the same size indefinitely.  I won't accept anything less!

This weekend, my hubby and I are gonna run our first race together!  The Stryker Dundas Cactus 5k.  I'm VERY excited to be sharing this experience with him.  He's come so far since he started running on our birthday (June 3rd).  He's only a few months behind me in running experience, but has a solid pace and is working on his distance.  He can do 5k, but I know he'll be nervous race day.  I was the first  time I raced.  

My running clinic is going well.  My girlfriend Karen, who I've known since JK, is doing fabulous. I'm so proud of her for coming back every week. I know it's not easy, especially at the beginning. When I think back to March when I started running, it was hardest the first month.  You wouldn't think so because I was running 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 intervals...but I wanted to give up many, many times.  I have to thank Enz for keeping me motivated.  

Once you build yourself up to a certain time of running (for me it was 5:1 intervals), it becomes so much easier.  Even now, the first 5 minutes is the hardest.  Once my breathing regulates, I can just keep on going and the rest of the run is almost easy.  ALMOST!  So if you're just starting out with running, or any kind of physical activity, you will be surprised how much easier it gets once you get your breathing under control.  Just don't give up.  Our bodies can do amazing things!

My Sweaty Band courtesy of Katie J!
Thanks Katie:)


  1. Thanks for the running encouragment! I keep waiting for it to get easier. I noticed I don't get as red, and it is getting a little easier to regulate my breathing... but it is hard.

  2. We also use horse lineament for sore muscles. It works! Congratulations on everything! Running! Weight Loss! Cute Kid! Take care.

  3. love the pics! I use glide on my chaffing but I wonder if this is cheaper?

    1. I paid $11.50 for 10oz, which is a HUGE amount!

  4. Your son is super cute indeed. I think it's great that you and your husband exercise together. We occasionally walk together or ride our bikes but I always feel like we go back home too soon. :)

  5. If Shania Twain recommends it, then I'm in. ohohohohohhhhhhh!!)
    I'm counting on you to reach goal because you inspire me to not quit.

  6. You look fab darling! Are you using the Fitbit to track yet?

  7. Your son is darling!

    One thing I did as a stop-gap measure when I was actively losing weight is I took some of my larger clothes into a seamstress and had them altered down. It was cheaper than buying new, and wearing clothes that fit just feels so good! Plus there was the added benefit that I couldn't put the weight back on because the larger sizes were gone, LOL. Yes, I play mind games with myself. It works ;)

  8. Do you and your husband share the same birthday? If so, that's kinda nice. Also I hope you don't mind me saying this but you're so lucky to have a spouse who runs! The couple that runs together....