Friday, March 1, 2013

Back to the "drawing board"

So we never actually got  a storm.  Not in Hamilton anyway.  I got to work in less than one hour (which is super fast) on Wednesday.  I guess everyone was anticipating the storm and stayed home.  Better for me.  I actually got some work done!  Back to the proverbial "drawing board".  I just went through all my weekly fliers and circled all the phase one deals for the next week.  My hubby is the best man in the world.  That's right, I said  the world.  I asked him what he wanted to do regarding meals for the next month and a half and he has committed to following phase one with me.  I love him:)  This makes my life SUPER easy!

If you wanna know what phase one is...
order this book.  It's totally worth it.  

Phase one seems like a lifetime ago.  I'm not gonna lie.  I'm actually looking forward to it! I love being in complete control and I never felt more in control of my eating than I did when I was on phase one.  A very dear friend was a little concerned about me and wondered why I felt the need to lose 15 more pounds.  If I wasn't a runner, this would definitely not be a priority for me. I think I look okay, but I know my running performance will definitely improve if I buckle down and lose a bit more weight.  I also know that in time with continued running, it would eventually take care of itself.  True that!  But I don't have a bunch of time.  My Boston qualifying marathon is in November.  That does not leave a lot of time for training.  And since I said I'd give it my best effort, I really am gonna to try.  Even if I don't qualify, I will know in my heart that I did my absolute best. And there's always next year!  I'm so blessed to have such caring friends!

So Sunday is my half marathon.  I'm bummed because one of the Back of the Rat Pack Girls is having to miss out.  She has a bum knee and it's just not worth it to run such a long distance when you're in pain.  Not worth it or advisable!  I'm confident that, with some physio and strength building exercises from my guy Graham, that she'll be trailblazing (and by "trailblazing", I mean trail running) with me this spring and summer! I can't wait!

I'm excited, but nervous about my half marathon.  Last night was my last half marathon clinic.  I've been doing this clinic since November.  It's so weird to be done with the "prize" so close.  Last night we had a clinic talk with a couple of women guest speakers on "Race Prep".  It was like watching a comedy sketch.  They were quite entertaining.  They talked about how they have run many marathons over the past 14 years, and don't care about their finishing time because everyone gets the same medal.  That is true.  And every race is truly against yourself.  No one else.  Unless you want to get into Boston of course, then the time definitely means something!

I had a good short run last night.  I ran 3.3K, but at the best pace I've done since my injury.  I know it was a real short run because we scaled back, but I ran a 6:30 pace and felt like I could go on forever.  I felt strong and healthy, and so did my hammy.  I got stretched out real good today by my physiotherapist.  I was a bit tight, but he was pleased with my progress over the past month.  I guess stretching has been helping me because at my massage yesterday, it's probably the first time in a few sessions that I left without feeling pain of any kind. It was actually a nice relaxing massage.  I usually leave my massage therapist after having something "stripped" or having to have elbows dug into muscles to help loosen them up.  Such a score that I wasn't sore!

If anyone is interested, I have a Facebook page.  You can "like it" if you feel so inclined.  I have no idea how to create a "badge" for my blog.  Starting Monday, I'm going to update on it daily with my eats and weight-loss progress.  I promise it will be real boring and mundane, but necessary.  And I swear on all that is holy, If you're even thinking a second about doing low carb, low fat, low sodium, once they are out of your system, it becomes so much easier to kick them to the curb.  You honestly cannot miss something that you no longer have.  Give it a try.  Clean eating is definitely the way to go!

Processed sugar = junk.  Your body deserves better!