Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter blessings

Thanks to all for your supportive comments and emails regarding my last post.  It is all good.  I did some side by side comparison shots and feel a whole lot better about things.  My size cannot be accurately measured through my weight.  In the pictures below, I weigh one pound less in the Christmas pics than I do in the one taken today.  I am wearing size 10 in the Christmas pics, and size 8 in the pic from today.  I am noticeably smaller in today's pic.  So there you go.  I did not gain 1.5 pounds of fat in the last two weeks.  And that being said, I'm continuing with Phase 1 for 2.2 more weeks before moving onto Phase 2 for a couple of weeks, then Phase 3 (which is maintenance) once again.

167 pounds
167 pounds

167 pounds
168 pounds

I knew I was getting smaller.  And I can definitely see differences in my hip, leg, and arm area.  My waist and stomach area is also starting to firm up nicely.  It was feeling a little flabby over the past couple of weeks, but I'm starting to notice a difference in my stomach roll when I'm sitting.  It's getting smaller.  I'm actually purchasing a weighted hula hoop and I'm gonna start hooping.  I hear it's good for the core as well as firming up the tummy.  I'm sold.  I need a more stable core and a firmer tummy is definitely a bonus!

Yesterday I had my family over for Good Friday dinner.  Being raised Catholic means that it was a fish only day.  My mother was Polish and it was tradition that she would make perogy every Good Friday.  I used to eat perogy until I was sick to my stomach!  Well, not to break tradition, I made perogy for my family yesterday.  You know the real yummy kind with the cheese and potato filling. It was a lot of work and something I'm happy to only make twice a year.  I loved watching my family enjoy the fruits of my labor, and I'm gonna be honest, I did not miss them.  I remember how stuffed I would feel after eating them and I'm so glad I have not felt that way for over a year and a half.  It's not worth it, and it's just food.  I enjoyed the fabulous salmon and broccoli I made as well. That was truly delicious and I made it perfectly!

What my family enjoyed...
What we all enjoyed!
Today was a fun day with Jules.  Hubby was working so it was just the boy and I.  There was a neighborhood Easter egg hunt and we went to the local park to participate in the festivities.  Julien had a great time because he got to play with some school friends. He got to meet the Easter Bunny (creepy), and practice his soccer shot.  We hung around and played outside for a good hour and a half.  When we got home we played a couple of board games.  Operation and Mouse Trap! Fun afternoon!  Games from my childhood!

I got a ten kilometer run in with Monica this morning.  I was going to start half marathon training today, but will start tomorrow morning with my long run instead.  We're off to my in-laws for Easter, so I'll get up early and run once the sun comes out.  I'm looking forward to running on the rail trail tomorrow.  I miss running up the escarpment, and with the snow finally gone, I'm thrilled to be returning to my happy running place.  Easter blessings to all who celebrate!  And to everyone else, have a fantabulous weekend!!!