Thursday, March 7, 2013

In the zone

Day four of Dr. Poon's Metabolic Diet, complete!  I'm just finishing up my third salad today!  May be boring, but I don't care.  I'm in the zone.  I can already feel a difference in the butt and thigh area of my size 9 skinny jeans.  Definitely a motivator.  I'm losing weight right where I want to.  This time around hasn't been nearly as difficult as the last time I was on Phase 1.  I haven't  had any headaches from carb and sugar withdrawal   Probably because other than the carbs and sugars found in veggies and fruit, I haven't been eating anything processed.  Makes  a huge difference. The hardest part for me is definitely not having fruit in the morning.  But I'll survive. Only 38 days left. Easy peasy!

I ate out once yesterday, and twice today.  The Mandarin (Chinese buffet), Swiss Chalet (rotisserie chicken) and Wimpy's Diner.  No problem finding food I could eat at all three places. Wimpy's sounds like it could have been challenging, but not at all.  They have all day breakfast. Omelettes are always a good choice.  Wimpy's cooks with canola oil (which I am allowed along with extra virgin olive oil), and their house dressing is made with canola oil and white vinegar.  You learn a wealth of information just by asking!  The Mandarin also uses canola oil to stir-fry and grill stuff. I have been eating 4 meals a day.  Breakfast, early lunch, late lunch and late dinner (8pmish).  I am not hungry at all because I'm eating until I'm full.

Guess what side of the table is mine?
That's a mushroom omelette with side salad.
My early lunch rejects:(

I love this lifestyle because there's no measuring or counting of anything.  And food is food.  It gives me the energy I need to run.  And that is all we need food for.  To fuel our bodies.  When I'm in "the zone", staying on plan becomes second nature.  No thought given.   And I'm in control which I like.  That is why even though some people may question whether or not I ever "cheated" while losing the first 122 pounds, I can honestly tell you that I did not.  Believe me or don't believe me.  I have no one to answer to but me and my son.  And I am at total peace with myself.

I have returned to my regular running schedule.  I ran yesterday morning and felt surprisingly good after doing a 6K at a 7:04 pace.  This morning, I ran another 6K at a 6:51 pace.  As the days have gone by since my half marathon   I'm beginning to feel more and more human.  I feel confident I could run from a pack of wild dogs today.  Monday I wouldn't have been able to outrun a group of zombies after my brains, and you know how slowly they move!  Tomorrow is a rest day, then I'm running on Saturday and Sunday morning.  I'm going to attempt some hills this weekend and a 12K run.  I need to get ready for The Bay relay in 2.5 weeks.

I kept telling him I don't bend that way, but he wouldn't listen.
Although I may look happy, I assure you, I'm in a lot of pain.
Graham really is having fun though.  He's a sadist.  

I had a physio appointment yesterday and Graham was not impressed with how tight my muscles and joints were.  It was worse than when he saw me on Monday.  He even had to pop my back. Therefore, it's a good thing I booked an emergency massage appointment for earlier this evening. Although the massage sounds nice and relaxing, I assure you, it was not.  I had my left calf and hamstring stripped.  Hurt like hell, but was completely necessary.  I actually feel better right at this moment.  But we'll see what the morning brings.  I could be stiff as hell by then.  Mark also worked on my feet, which was weird.  But he thought it would help with the crampy toes.  He didn't do it today, but he said my feet should be stripped which would totally help with the toes.  He warned me it hurts a lot.  He has his done for karate.  So much to look forward to!

I'm really thinking of running the Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon on June 2nd.  It's the day before my 43rd birthday and I think it would be an awesome birthday gift to myself.  I'll train like hell for it starting right now, destroy my hamstring, quads and toes again, and then do it all over again when I start training for the full marathon (November 3rd) starting at the end of June.  See? I'm a total masochist!  Can't wait!  I don't think any of the Back of the Rat Pack Girls are going to join me, but that's okay. I'm a big girl.  Niagara Falls is only 45 minutes away!  I'll decide by the end of March for sure, but I'm really leaning towards doing it.  I feel lost right now because although I have a plan (lose weight and work on my speed), It feels strange not be training for something. And I really want to crush the 2:15 half marathon.

I have been exhausted by noon the past few days. Waking up at 5:30 to run is a good thing, and I don't think that has been tiring me out.  Running in the morning actually gives me a good boost of energy.  I've been shopping with a client for 2 days!  I hate shopping on a good day.  Doing it when I'm sore is very trying!  Part of my job though.  Can't complain, I could be stuck behind a desk all day.  That would be torture for me!  My client is so funny.  He asked if I came in first for the half marathon because I got a medal.  When I told him I came in 2230th, he looked at me funny and said, "Wow!  Why do you bother running since you're so bad at it?"  Ah, teenagers!

Shopping for a bed on Wednesday.  I'm not gonna lie.
I could have stayed there all day!  Memory foam rocks!
Shopping for bedding today.  Check out my thrift store
leather jacket.  I LOVE the grommets.  $12.99!!!!
I know I look the same in the pics.  Leather and jeans is my
work uniform!  I'm super boring.