Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Purple haze all in my brain

Back to my regular running routine today!  Since The Bay was more of a fun run for me, I only needed a day of rest.  Hubby's still feeling the side effects of running in his first long distance road race.  He needed two days rest!  But he admits that even though he's sore, it hurts so good.  He's pumped for getting into longer running distances and has committed to losing another 15 pounds so he can get down to his fighting weight.  I'm happy to have inspired him.  The only thing that sucks is now we're going to be competing for races!  I'll have to share entry fees.  It's worth it though to see him at the best shape he's ever been in.  When he started running in June (our birthday is when I took him out on his first run), he didn't think he wanted to go further than 5K ever.  But once you run in a big race, the atmosphere and energy gets you and you're hooked.  I'm very proud of him.

It wasn't easy getting this shot at 6:30 am.  I just got back
from my run and didn't want to wake anyone.  I love that
the shirt says "Older than Boston"!

Not my color, but nice and visible .
This morning's run was awesome.  It was 3 degrees when I left the house just before 6am.  I didn't have to wear a jacket!  Made me feel like spring has finally sprung!  I also saw more people out and about.  Runners and walkers.  It's pretty isolated when I run so early in the morning.  I always like to see and greet other runners during my workouts.  You give that little wave and knowing look.  It's almost like a brotherhood.  The "knowing look" usually says, "You're just as crazy as me out here in the frigid cold at 5:45am.  Good on ya"!  That's a lot of information in one look!

Hubby and I have decided to work on strengthening our core together.  I have two yoga mats, an exercise ball and a brand new DVD.  Since we both need stronger cores to become better runners, we're gonna start doing the DVD Monday, Wednesday and Friday after Julien goes to bed.  Julien is so adorable.  He was watching Bananas in Pajamas right before bed and was lying on his side doing leg crunches.  He claimed that he did his "exercises" the entire episode, but it was really just for a few minutes.  After we read books, he told me that when he gets up tomorrow morning, he's going right down stairs to do his exercises again until it's time for breakfast.  I'm not sure what time he plans on getting up, but I hope it's not before I go for my run.  That would really suck for hubby!  See!  The healthy lifestyle is rubbing off on the boy.  Makes everything totally worth it!

$12.99 @ Chapters.  They have Pilates and Yoga
too.  May get them as well to switch it up!

Today I was contacted by the Marilyn Denis show and asked to be in their next makeover show.  I spoke to her Production Assistant and told him that I was just made over two months ago on the Steven and Chris show.  He was disappointed but understood that I didn't want to appear on another makeover show.  I don't think I need a makeover and wouldn't want to take that opportunity away from someone else.  He did say he would keep my contact information though and consider my story for a future weight-loss show.

Today I got the guts to wear clothing that I never, in a million years, thought I would have the cojones to wear.  LOTS of color.  I went shopping for a couple spring outfits last week at Reitmans and picked up this "little" number in size 7 pants and a medium top.  So strange to walk around in such a small size.  Felt fraudulent all day.  Like at any moment someone would approach me and say, "Ma'am, you have no business wearing those pants.  Go put on these 24W slacks and 3x top so the world can return to normal."  I got lots of compliments and have to admit, that I actually felt small.  I think I could get used to these new clothes.  Maybe the spring weather is actually making me feel reborn because I am, in a sense, "born again" in a new body.  Life is too short.  I'm accepting the new me, giving myself props where I deserve them and moving on!  Weigh-in with Dr. Stephen tomorrow!!!!!

Michael loves taking the candid
Of course it's in purple!
My favorite color:)