Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy runniversary to me

April 11, 2012.
About 220 pounds
March 9, 2013
About 168 pounds

Today marks one year that I have been running.  I walked into the For women Only clinic on March 9th 2012, in hopes that I would one day be able to run 5K.  I was scared, but determined that I would give running my best effort.  That first night I had difficulty running for one straight minute. We did 2:1 intervals.  That`s 2 minutes walking, 1 minute running.  My cardio was so bad that I could not catch my breath.  Since I promised myself that I would try my best at running, I committed to attending every clinic (once per week) and every practice run (twice per week). About a month into the clinic, I added and extra running day and I was running 4x per week.  I have come a long way baby!  A year ago I could barely run a minute, last week I ran for 14K straight at a 6:24 per kilometer pace.  Amazing what a difference a year can make!

When I started running I weighed about 230 pounds.  I was heavy, but took it nice and slow.  My first 5K race was run with almost a 9 minute per kilometer pace.  It took me just under 45 minutes! Today I can comfortably run a 5K in 31:30.  I`m sure if I tried, I could do a sub 30 minute 5K, but I`m going to wait until my hamstring is completely healed before I give it a go.  Running kick started my weight-loss again.  I had already lost 60 pounds, but was hitting a plateau and needed something to get me moving again.  Running was my answer.  Once I started running, my weight started heading downward once again.  I was on Phase 1 for six  months and running made it possible for me to move onto Phase 2 and still lose at the same speed (10 pounds per month) as I did when I was on Phase 1.  A win win if you ask me!  Plus, since I started running I needed more carbs and the veggies in Phase 2 helped with that.

Today is a day that means a lot to me.  It`s the day that changed my life.  Not only did I meet one of my running gals a year ago (Tanya), but next Saturday will mark the anniversary of my friendship with Beverly as well.  She started the For Women Only clinic one week late.  Such awesome relationships I made by going to the Running Room.  I can`t forget Dawn, Monica or Brett either. Such a great bunch of women to run with!

That`s the Burlington Skyway in the distance.  Monica and I started running
just to the left of the bottom of the bridge.  I stopped running about a
kilometer to the right of where I took this picture.

Today I celebrated my runniversary with Monica.  We met up at Dundurn Castle and I parked there, then Monica drove us out to Burlington.  We parked along Lakeshore Road in Burlington and ran back to Hamilton.  I did 12K in all, Monica doubled back at about 10K and did 21K in total.  She`s running the whole Bay (30K), I`m only doing 15K as part of a two-person relay.  We ran along the actual route for the Bay, and did all the hills.  I had been dreading all those hills and I gotta tell you, I worried for nothing.  They weren`t nearly as bad as I had thought they would be.  The last hill is a doozy, but I`ve run it about half a dozen times now and there`s a nice break where the rolling hills of North Shore Boulevard end and the big giant hill of Valley Inn Road begins.  No sweat, especially since I`m starting my run at the 15K point.

Monica and I just before we parted at about the 10K point.

I felt good when I completed my run.  Today`s run was my last long run before the Bay which is two weeks away.  I was nervous about my crampy toes.  They did start to get pins and needles, but never cramped.  It would have royally sucked since I was doing such a short distance!  I fueled up with chicken breast and coffee before my run, and had to have one Clif Shot Blok (a gummie) during because I was feeling  little sluggish. Not Phase 1 friendly, but I doubt it will affect me.  The first ingredient is organic brown rice syrup and they`re 33 calories each.  My first cheat of the week!  I only use those Shot Bloks during long runs.  I forgive myself:)

It was a pleasure to run with Monica today.  Monica is an amazing lady.  She has also lost a substantial amount of weight (100+ pounds) and has arthritic knees.  Talk about inspirational.  She could use her arthritic knees as an excuse not to run, but she does not.  She ran the Disney Princess half marathon two weeks ago and is running the entire 30K Around the Bay in two weeks. We run into each other at physio because she does whatever she needs to in order to keep running.  Regular physio is what she needs to do and Graham is keeping her in her running shoes. She often says that stopping is not an option for her and she will continue to run for as long as she can.  You truly can do anything if you want it badly enough.

I wasn`t sure how good my running performance would be since I`ve never run the distances I do now while only following Phase 1 of Dr. Poon`s Metabolic Diet.  I`m doing surprisingly well.  My pace is good and I feel fine during runs.  I just eat when I`m hungry, and I eat LOTS of protein. This Phase 1 stint certainly is not forever, it`s just for right now.  Day six complete, only 36 more to go. Who knows, I could end up reaching my goal sooner than the allotted six weeks, which would be awesome!  I miss my fruit.  We shall see where things are when I see Dr. Stephen on Tuesday.

Just finished my 12K.  Lots of  dried salt on my face!

Monica and I met up with a woman named Deanna while we were running along North Shore Boulevard.  We talked about training for the Bay, and she shared her story about how she began running.  I told her my story as well and she was shocked that I had only been running for a year. She`s been running for 3 years and we were pretty much the same pace.  She told me she wants to drop 5 pounds (even though she has never been overweight) so she can get faster.  I totally get where she`s coming from because that is exactly where I am right now.  The 15 pounds is about speed, nothing else.  She was a real sweetheart.  She told me I looked great, but understood completely how 15 pounds could make a huge difference in my running speed.  When we parted, she said she`d see me in two weeks.  Not likely since 9000 people will be at the starting line of the Bay, and I won`t be one of them.  Hubby is the first runner of my relay team.  Best of luck to Deanna though!

My recovery meal.  Mushroom omelette with Frank`s Hot Sauce.
And lots and lots of water!