Sunday, March 17, 2013

I need a pedicure...badly!!!!!!!

I used to have pretty feet...pre-running!
Taped and ready to rumble...

So I went to physio on Friday for my movement assessment.  My BIL Ross came with me and video taped me on the treadmill.  This was so I could actually see how I run.  Graham wanted me to watch the footage of myself because I come down harder on my left side than I do on my right side.  Not a pretty sight, me running.  I'm way too jiggly!  He also did a thorough examination of my ugly running feet and adjusted something on the middle of my foot.  It popped and didn't hurt, but I definitely felt something go back in alignment. He did it on both feet.  So anyway, when I run, I put most of my pressure on the pad of my foot by my big toes. This causes my toes to curl when I run, which then results in the cramping during long runs.  And I just want to add quickly, I do not like the treadmill. Not even a little bit.  The whole time I was on it, I felt like I was going to veer off one way or the other.  I felt real wobbly, and it wasn't just my thighs!

Still smiling after my 6K with taped feet!

He taped my feet so that I'd feel the pressure on the outside of my feet, which would keep my toes straighter.  I tested out the tape during a 6K run yesterday morning.  It was all good.  Didn't cause any new pain, and I could definitely feel my weight falling on the outsides of my feet.  Since it worked out during my shorter run yesterday, he's going to tape my feet for The Bay next Sunday. That will be the true test because that's a 15K run.  If that works out and my toes don't get numb or cramp, we will know exactly what the problem is.  He says that he could put me in an orthotic to put pressure on the pad of my foot which would keep my toes straight, but wants to look at other options first.  Everything he said made total sense.  He really knows what he's talking about!

Yesterday I had Beverly and her family over for dinner.  It was a special occasion.  It was our friendaversary (and yes, it is a real the urban dictionary)!  We met one year ago yesterday because she started the Learn to Run clinic one week later than me.  I'm so blessed to have met her a year ago.  She has been a great running partner and co-instructor.  Although she's just coming back from her surgery/injury now, she has some great running goals that I'm excited to watch her work towards.  She's a real trooper, so I know that she'll be successful!  Go Bev!

Looking forward to future races with my gal;)
The beautiful necklace
Bev got me for our

I met Dawn, Monica, an Brett at the Running Room today for our long run before The Bay next Sunday.  It wasn't a terribly long run (10K), but long enough.  I have to sit down, maybe tonight and figure out the training schedule I have to follow if I'm really doing the Niagara Women's half marathon at the beginning of June.  I'll have to train alone and run it solo, but I'm a big girl. Maybe I can talk someone into coming and sitting with the boy overnight, then hubby and I could go to Niagara Falls for a night that weekend.  We haven't been away from him over night since he was born.  I'll act like this is a good plan now, but closer to the date, I'll chicken out and end up trekking out to Niagara Falls on my own.

I'm a little tired of people in my life making assumptions about my lifestyle.  This has been happening more and more frequently of late.  At times I feel like I'm being judged and my eating habits are being scrutinized.  It's highly unlikely that I'm ever going to be "skinny".  I like to eat way too much!  I don't believe that I am harming myself by following this lifestyle.  Trust me, when I was 300 pounds and lying around like a sloth, I was doing way more harm to my body than running could ever do to me now.

And just for the record, even when I'm not on Phase 1, I will not be eating cake, pastries, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, brownies or any other baked goods made with or without flour.  Those are trigger foods for me.  Remember the story about how I'd sneak my mother's Christmas baking out of the freezer and binged on it?  I may never be able to safely eat baked goods again, and I'm okay with that.  I just wish others would accept it as well.  I really cannot have just one.  I'm not strong enough for that.  And I do not deserve a restricted (for me) food because I've worked so hard.  That is how the obsessive behavior begins and I become preoccupied with food again.  I hate when that happens, and I don't like the way it makes me feel.  It's not something easily understood unless you've been a binge eater and had to battle obesity the majority of your life.  This is just one of those things that I always have to be consciously working on.  It sucks big time, but it's my reality. I'm touched that people make a special effort, but I always ask that there be no fussing for me.  If you're unsure, just ask.  That way no one is disappointed in the end.

I just wanted to show this medal.  It's Monica's.
I really want one.  It has jewels on it!