Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello it's me

The title of this post actually has nothing to do with it's content.  I listened to some great music on my way out to Peterborough today and came across this one on an old CD I had in the car.  Love this song by Todd Rundgren.  I may or may not have played it over and over.  It's now permanently embedded in my brain.  A happy day over all.  Listened to some retro 80's too.

I swung into the Pickering clinic to see Dr. Stephen and get weighed.  I hadn`t been weighed for 7 weeks!  I didn`t realize it was so long.  Dr. Stephen and I discussed my weight-loss goals.  He was surprised that I wanted to lose more weight.  He said that BMI doesn`t always work accurately for athletes.  It never gets old when someone refers to me as an athlete!  I told him it had nothing to do with BMI, I just wanted to get lighter and leaner so that I could kick my own ass at the Road2Hope Marathon in November.  He chuckled at that.

I lost 3 pounds since my last weigh-in January 14th.  Dr. Stephen says that my weight was likely higher than 168 when I started last week, because my fat percentage went down as well which means I have built more muscle (which we all know weighs more than fat).  So then I got curious and looked at the picture taken of me on Saturday versus one taken of me a few months ago when I weighed about four pounds more than I do today, and I can see a difference.  Not a huge difference, but definitely more toning going on.  And I have FINALLY lost weight in my calves!  I can wear regular calf boots now.  It`s about freaking time! There`s nothing worse that having fat dimpled calves when the rest of your leg looks relatively normal.

My legs, waist and bust are bigger here.
I`m wearing the same pants and jacket
in both photos.
The first thing my husband said was,
``Your breasts are gone!``
True, but it`s all the better for running!

So Dr. Stephen was originally apprehensive about me losing more weight, but I talked to him about the whys and hows, and he agreed that a runner carrying an extra 10-15 pounds was a big deal. We chatted about my half marathon and my upcoming races and he was very interested...or maybe a little bored.  It was a slow morning in the clinic.  He`s a super nice man, and I`m glad I stuck with him.  He`s always been super supportive and told me the hard truth when I needed to hear it.  That is exactly what I needed to stay on the straight and narrow!

So I`m officially done week one of Phase 1.  Only five more to go!  It hasn`t been as hard as I anticipated, but it`s also never easy. Why just today I had to fight some demons.  I bought two pieces of sugar-free halva, and one package (2 in package) of chocolate pecan clusters.  Both allowed treats on phase 1.  I ate all of them at once with Tim Horton`s coffee.  That`s 290 calories ingested at one time.  Definitely not allowed on Phase 1.  Then I justified it in my mind by saying that I would work the extra calories and more off tomorrow morning when I run 6K. Not cool. That`s not a healthy way to rationalize anything when I`m trying to lose weight.  Just another reminder to myself that I cannot be trusted with treats.  That`s why I only bought three.  I also had a mental battle with myself on the way back from Peterborough.  I wanted to go back to the Ontario Nutrition Store and buy more treats.  My conscience won that fight.  I drove right by and feel better for it right now.  No more treats for two more weeks when I get weighed again.  It`s celery and cucumber slices tonight.  Sigh...

All in all I had a good day.  It didn`t start out great.  I didn`t win on my Roll Up the Rim which sucked royally. But then I had a good weigh-in and visit with Dr. Stephen, got gas in Peterborough that was 11¢ a liter cheaper than in Hamilton,  didn`t buy anymore treats (even though I really wanted them) and finally won a free coffee on my second Timmies coffee of the day.  I won a free coffee and I didn`t pay for the coffee that won the free coffee, if that makes sense.  A total win, win! It doesn`t take much to make this girl happy!

My first coffee where I am clearly a loser!

Finally success:)