Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The post about AOL comments and running in the heat

I got a lot of awesome AOL comments.  People are so supportive and complimentary.  I am thankful for each and every one.  Even the one from Mr. Decker is Mr. Right.  Check out his comment on my story. Scroll down and you'll come across it.  Makes me appreciate that I am someone that has empathy for others. Unless you  have dealt with the emotional issues that go along with obesity, you will never understand how this disease affects your psychological well being. Honestly Mr. Decker, I wish we could all be as perfect as you, but alas we are not.  I'll never make excuses for how I became obese, but I can assure you, if I could have done this 35 years ago, I would have. I applaud your 30 pound weight loss at the age of fifteen. Sounds like your parents didn't let you play enough.  Perhaps this is why you are so angry now?  Maybe a good counselor is in order?  Best of luck to you!

Today was a freaking hot day! I was driving around in my car for the majority of it which meant I was a hot mess.  Although I have a/c in my car, using it too much causes me to have a headache. I ran at 5:45 this morning.  It was already 30 degrees Celsius with the humidex.  Not a very pleasant run to say the least.  I drank a lot of water yesterday in preparation for my run this morning, but it is never enough.  I swear I would prefer to run in the freezing cold than to run right now. Any physical activity outside in this heat means you have to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  And honestly, I'm sweating right now as I type this, so I need to hydrate!  I can't stress that enough.

Thanks to all for your supportive comments over the past couple of days. In regards to the video and the AOL business.  It's still a bit surreal to me.  I couldn't sleep last night because I had a lot of anxiety, and I'm not sure why.  Ultimately, I'd like to help as many people as I can.  That is why I agreed to do the Everyday Health interview and that is the main reason I continue to write this blog.  I answered a lot of emails today.  If I haven't gotten to yours yet, I promise that I will by tomorrow.

The video is something that I wanted to make for Julien so that he will have it to look back on when he gets older.  He doesn't remember me being morbidly obese, which I'm thankful for.  It's a bit difficult to talk about the video still.  Julien wants to watch it several times a day.  He's just tickled he's actually on Youtube. The hard part is that when he watches it, I have to read it to him and I still can't get through it without getting choked up.  He asks why my eyes are sweating.  Which makes me laugh through my tears.  He is such an awesome boy.

So I haven't posted something positive about myself in the last few posts.  I love that my thighs no longer rub together.  They actually haven't since last summer, but it is definitely more defined now. Although I still have some fat to lose around my upper outer thighs and hip area, I'm really happy with the way things firmed up in my inner thighs. Slow and steady wins the race.  I actually tried to get a decent picture of the space between  my thighs and was finally able to do this through the reflection on my patio door. I don't have a full length mirror, so the patio door had to do.  I'm proud of my inner thighs because it shows another way that running has transformed my body.  Just another reason I love running!

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this picture of myself in the window.
It is definitely not the way I see myself.

So my day in pictures today  is pretty lame.  Same old, same old which I'm sure you have to be bored of by now.  Mandarin for lunch with a client and chicken ratatouille for dinner. I hadn't made the ratatouille in a while and it was good, but what was I thinking cooking on such a hot day.  We don't have central air!  And I just want too brag for one minute...the shorts I'm wearing in the photo below?  Size 6 Joe Fresh!  I couldn't get them past my hips a couple of months ago, and there I am wearing them and they are not skin tight.  Have I lost any weight?  Nope.  Still sitting strong at 165...  Yes, great job on the weight loss. It's great that your not some lazy over grown gross cow anymore. Good for you doing something about it, as you should in the first place. UnlesUyouwill never I've spenenoI NleastfMandarin today with a client

It was humid during my run this morning.
Not looking forward to tomorrow's 10K tempo run.

Lots of grilled chicken, grilled veggies, pepper steak, chow mein.

The top one makes sense for adding "in bed" at the end.
The bottom one, not so much.

I didn't feel like posing.  I was hot and bothered.

Chicken ratatouille.

My eats from today.


  1. Oh wow, all I can say about Mr Deckers comment is not nice. It's hard enough to have self esteem when your overweight without comments like that.
    Even though you have maintained the same weight, it is amazing how your body has changed. Very fit and toned.

  2. Hi Leigh! I went to AOL on the link. You gave such great answers about how you conquered your weight.

    Re Mr. Decker: I know quite a few real people from "the peanut gallery," and they are not impressive at all! Wow, talk about people who elevate themselves for nothing much! It's easy to talk crap on anonymous comments.

    You are incredible, even if one guy couldn't see it. I just love reading about your life and triumphs. <3


  3. Eh. You're successful, you did it, you're healthy, and that is all that matters!

  4. Wow, way for that guy to make it all about himself. Why do so many people do that, you tell a story and somehow it's all about them. I have come across so much nastiness lately on the internet, people just vicious. I am making a real effort to avoid those blogs and forums. There is enough misery in life without people adding to it. Best to concentrate on the good people, like you.

  5. I found your blog through another blog. I believe it was Curvy Fit Girl. Anyway, you are an inspiration, and what Mr Decker Is Mr Right (*puke* at the name lol) makes me angry because it just shows how ignorant he is about obesity and how much work it takes to get to a healthy weight. My sister has been obese since she was in the fourth grade but she has always been active. Very active. She never sits down and is never home. Her diet needs some work but obesity does not equal laziness like most people think. It makes me so angry when people say that. They have no clue. Sure some people get to an obese weight from laziness but my sister didn't so I know there are a lot of people out there like her. And just because you are thin does not mean you aren't lazy. Believe me, I've seen some skinny people that do nothing but sit on their butt and eat.

    Anyway, sorry that got so long winded but that subject really gets me riled up! I just wanted to applaud you for working so hard and getting to a healthy place! You are an inspiration!

  6. I tried to post this last night but I don't think it stuck.

    I was going to say you are so inspirational and that I can totally relate to the thigh thigns. None of my friends understand but all my jeans and pants get warn out and end up tearing apart and I need to wear shorts under all of my dresses or else I get really bad heat rashes. I can't wait 'till I have a space too!

  7. I think you are simply amazing and your journey represents real life for many. It saddens me that people feel the need to be hateful (Mr. Decker), but they obviously are in a bad place themselves and need to attack. The help you are willing to give others make you quite the hero in my eyes.

  8. There are always those people who think they need to rain on your parade. It's obvious he's got issues of his own and was bullied or whatever that made him the angry little man he is today. Love the pics!

  9. I live in Lexington, KY and you were on my local news this morning!

  10. Mr. Decker is Mr. Wrong in my book. You just know he is not a very happy man. Oh well. I saw you on AOL too. I've had an email address with them since the 90's but I mostly use my gmail account now. Keep up the good work.