Thursday, July 4, 2013

The post about Morton's Neuroma, horizontal jumping and my first run with the boy

I went to see the chiropodist today.  I have been diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma.  This makes more sense to me because of where my foot pain lies.  This means that I have to have my orthotics adjusted yet again.  This time I had to leave my orthotics with the clinic because it's more of a major adjustment.  I should have them back by Monday at the latest.  If this doesn't work, there is the option of surgery.  But I don't want that and the chiropodist doesn't recommend it. There's only a 50% success rate.  Bottom line?  If this doesn't work I am never running the Boston Marathon, or any marathon for that matter.  I'm feeling pretty anxious and a little heart sick.  I'll deal though.  Could be much worse.  At least I can still run.

Regardless, I'm still training for my full marathon in the fall.  I'll keep going till I can't go anymore. Hopefully that will be when I get to 42.2K.   The chiropodist did tell me that I can be treated for Morton's Neuroma through physio.  Something I'll talk to Graham about when I see him next week. Just when one thing gets dealt with (hamstring, ankle) we have a new ache and pain to move onto. I will never be free of physio until the day I no longer run.  Since I don't see that happening anytime soon, I am extremely thankful for my unlimited physio benefits through work.  Amen.

Speaking of physio, Graham has me doing these "horizontal jumps" in order to strengthen my ankles.  It looked like fun when Lana initially showed me how to do it.  My word it was difficult to do this for a long time!  Even though I'm lying down, it really works your quads and I could even feel it in my lower back.  I had to keep my knees straight or I was threatened with having them forcefully kept apart.  Awkward.  Luckily, I kept them straight enough to make my torturers  therapists happy.  

Blurred by movement...

Not nearly as fun or easy as it looks.

Tuesday was a big day for Jules.  He's been begging and begging and I finally gave in.  We did our first run together.  We're doing week one of the Learn to Run Program through the Running Room. This is the same program I teach new runners.  We did 7 sets of walk 2 minutes, run 1 minute. Julien was adorable.  While we were walking he'd ask, "Can I skip during this part?" "Can I walk like Mario and Luigi?" "Mommy, lets walk like apes!"  It was the most fun I've ever had teaching a new runner.

He was a real trooper and did awesome!  We went about 1.5K and he was so proud of himself when we finished our practice run.  He's bugged me yesterday and today to practice again.  I promised we'd go again tomorrow.  He shouldn't run more than 3X per week.  I'm going to do each interval for 2 weeks before moving on.  So his Learn to Run Program will take the same amount of time as my marathon training.  He'll be running a good couple of kilometers by then.  Just in time to run the Road2Hope kids race on November 2nd, the day before my full marathon.  Between running, soccer, swimming and day camp, he's having a pretty active summer.

Jules and I ready to head out for our first run.
He's so proud of his "real" running shoes (they have laces, not velcro).

Just back from our first run.  Funny face and a little sweaty.

So Marion came up with a helpful tip about my writer's block.  She suggested that I ask my readers for issues/topics they would like me to write about.  Since I don't have a whole lot of you, I'm not expecting a ton of suggestions, or any really, but I thought I'd pose the question none the less.  Anything you've pondered in regards to my lifestyle, weight-loss, running?  Anything you wish to question, criticize or critique?  I am open to sharing pretty much anything you'd like to know about.  And I welcome all comments or suggestions.  Even the ones that disagree with me.  I am an expert in nothing so I appreciate any new information you have to offer me.  Ignorance may be bliss, but knowledge is power.


  1. You're such an inspiration to me... I guess i'd just like to know how you stay and stayed motivated. I've embarked on the journey once before, lost 65 lbs and 3 years later I'm right back where I started. :(

    Awaiting my first appointment to go back to Dr. Poon but I really don't want to fail this time.

    Anyhow, what kept you motivated? and more importantly, how did you avoid tempting foods that live in the house with you? (mom of 3 boys here :s )

  2. I would love to know more about what you eat. I know it's low carb, but in a little more detail maybe?

    1. Hah! I was going to ask for a shopping list myself. Glad you beat me to it. :)

  3. Is that a physio pilates machine you are doing those jumps on?
    My physio has just told me I need to start using their pilates machines to strengthen my back, I am super scared of the whole thing, everything looks super complicated.
    What do you think about them?
    Have a great weekend.
    Love Gi

    1. That is a physio pilates machine. It's the first pilates machine I have used, and it looked a lot more fun than it actually is. It's definitely work, but I could feel that I was using my back muscles so I can totally see how you would use it to strengthen your back. Good luck!

  4. As much as you may think that you have writers block, I can assure you that everything and anything you write about - especially about running is interesting to me!! I cannot imagine doing what you do but when I am out for my mega walks, I think of you and how far you have come as I have read all of your blog. Then I imagine myself doing the same and it seems just so out of reach!

    Which leads me to the question which is in relation to that. Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine that you would be a runner - that this would be your life? I know you have mentioned that you are the same inside person as before, but do you ever suddenly stop and think - wow, this is my life now! So different from before. They are pretty silly questions I know, but it is an emotional one! And now I see that you are teaching your son. That is also very emotional to me.

    I hope that the physio helps you.

  5. I had a Morton's Neuroma. Painful as hades! I did have the surgery, about 10 years or more ago. I was told it would not and could not come back. Well it can. And a second opinion told me it could.

    However, I am very glad I had the surgery. Mine had gotten so bad it was huge and I felt like I was being shocked my electricity.

    Good luck with yours. I hope it all works out.

  6. I loved hearing about you running with your son!! :-)

  7. I had four neuromas (two in each foot), which I had removed, which then grew back into stumps, which I then had corrective surgery to separate the nerve from the stumps and implant the "new" nerve ending into my arch muscles...which is the only thing that has worked so far. I have tried everything from changing shoes, metatarsal lifts (which you might try using inside your shoes), custom-casted orthotics, cortisone, alcohol injections, electroshockwave therapy, cryosurgery, and then the traditional and corrective surgeries I already mentioned.

    If you do consider surgery, be sure to find a doctor who will reimplant the “new” nerve ending into muscle, so it doesn’t grow back into stump neuromas. You might consider a peripheral nerve specialist/surgeon over a podiatrist, unless you can find one who knows this procedure well. Please, don't risk just having a simple neurectomy (cut the neuroma/nerve out). It will grow back (as our bodies are programmed to), and when it does, it will run into scar tissue. Once it does this, it will develop into a stump which is worse than the original condition. I can't stress this to you enough.


  8. Now, if you are dealing with a swollen nerve (not a full blown neuroma), then it's possible that rest and ice could bring the swelling down. If you continue to train for your half, then you risk turning a swollen nerve into a neuroma, something that could have been remedied with rest. Doctors don't know what you are dealing with until they can actually see inside your foot. Don't let surgery be that first glance. MRIs are expensive and only as accurate as the technician reading them, plus fat saturation (which we all have) can make it difficult to see nerves. If you can find someone who could do an ultrasound, then that may help you know what you are dealing with. There is something called MR Neurography that will tell you EXACTLY what you are dealing with, but it may be out of network for insurance and is three times the cost of an MRI.

    You could try ONE (only ONE) cortisone shot, to see if that works, but this only seems to work for some, not all. Most of the people I've talked to that had this done says it only lasts a few months, then the pain comes back. This may work well though if you are in the very beginning stages of MN AND REST as well. But if you intend on continuing to run, you will not be in the beginning stages for long as the neuroma will continue to develop and will eventually require more invasive procedures. The reason I say ONE shot is because if it didn't remedy the problem with the first shot, it's not going to with a second. What it will do is add scar tissue, and your nerve is already struggling to find room as it is. A true neuroma will have its own scar tissue, and any injection you get will only add more scar tissue. (I am not a doctor, just someone who has already been down the road you may be going depending on your choices, so I have a lot of experience with MN. Please do consult with a doctor before deciding what course(s) of action you will take.)


  9. And, do try to go barefoot as often as possible, since the types of shoes we wear are the #1 cause of MN. Half the people I talk to say barefooting it hurts more; while the other half say shoes hurts more, so you have to find what works for you. When trying to find a “good” pair of shoes, look for those that have a very wide toe box, are zero drop (no elevation from heel to toe), are extremely light weight, and are extremely flexible. The reason heeled shoes are so bad for us is because they force us to place our weight over the balls of our feet which adds to the confinement of the nerve branches between the metatarsals. Shoes with a narrow toe box cause our metatarsals to compress the nerves as well. Nike is known for its narrow foot last--avoid them. The big, bulky running shoes are huge contributors to MN, so avoid those. If you have to wear a running shoe, look for a racing flat with the attributes I've already mentioned.

    I used to be a runner. My last run was in November 2011. 2012 was filled with traditional and corrective surgeries for MN. I am dealing with other health issues at the moment, but I hope to get back to running after that.

    I run a forum on Morton's Neuroma called MN Talk at where we talk about all the various treatments and share our experiences with MN. MN Talk is the only forum dedicated entirely to MN. Hope to see you there...if you still need us.

    Good luck! And you look great, BTW! -TJ

    1. Wow! Thanks for all this information. I checked out the form and will lurk for a while. I'll see how things progress over the next couple of months. I really appreciate all your expertise. Good luck with your health issues.

  10. I read your story on Aol - just wanted to stop by. I think yours is the first weight loss story that has truly gotten my attention. It is like I am looking into my own life when I read your reasons why you wanted to lose weight. I am 43, Hispanic and I too am experiencing my child’s life from the sidelines and I always want to do something about it but for some reason I can't commit. I can't believe how much my weight truly does affect her life. I am so consumed by my guilt and hating the way I look that I do believe my child suffers for it. I don't go to many family functions because I am embarrassed of the way I look, I don't get community pool memberships because of the same reason, I don't take any family pics (if my child should want to see pics of her with mom in the future she won't be able to) and I've been postponing our Disney trip because I won't be able to accompany my daughter on most rides! Thank you for sharing your story with us, maybe your's is the one I needed to read to realize that i have to act now or there is no going back. I'll keep reading your blog for ideas and motivation, although I think my daughter and family should be more than enough motivation. Wish me luck! Rosy