Monday, July 29, 2013

The post about fueling up, Poppy, purging and gutter balls

I met Tonto at the Disney Store today.

I'm happy to report that I made it through my consuming binge thoughts unscathed.  I did what I said I was going to do and went to bed.  By the next day, everything was roses again.  Thanks to everyone for their supportive comments and ideas to help out with that issue should it arise again. Although binging crosses my mind at least once per day, it's rarely consuming.  And it seems so odd to me that what I wanted to binge on was cheese.  I mean I liked cheese well enough when I used to eat it, but never low fat mozzarella.  Maybe bocconcini, but mozzarella?  I never gave mozzarella a second thought.  Poor mozzarella:(

My eating over the past two days has been pretty average.  I started to switch it up a bit today by making a roast and having it with mashed rutabaga (thanks for the idea Josh).  I love me some mashed rutabaga.  And I also made a zucchini thing my mom used to make when I was a kid with onions and tomatoes.  My dad is visiting for the week and he brought a GIANT zucchini from his neighbor's garden.  Man they grow them big in Scarborough!  Seriously, this zucchini puts the tiny ones I buy at the supermarket to shame.  It was easily the size of a wiener dog.  At least that's what I pictured it as if I could imagine a head and little legs on it. Which I did.

Roast beef, horseradish, mashed rutabaga, cumin carrots, zucchini with
tomatoes and onions.

Yesterday's 16K long run was alright.  And by alright, I mean that my toes didn't cramp till 15K. Not too bad considering I was getting sloppy with my running form by 14K.  I did a couple of loops through the city and normally when I run where lots of people see me, I hold my form pretty consistently lest someone inwardly judge my running abilities.  My mistake was I didn't fuel up enough before I ran.  The one scoop of protein powder mixed with water just didn't cut it (I should have had 2 as per the directions).  I was ravenous by the time I hit 14K and just stopped paying attention to how I looked and was more focused on finishing so I could eat. The package of energy gummies I had during the run didn't help much.  Lesson learned...AGAIN!  I mean for the love of Pete!  It's not like it was my first long run ever.  I know better.  

Today I headed out to Scarborough (not the fair Marc), to pick up my father.  He's staying with us for the week because he's dying to do work around my house.  The man is 83 this year and is not happy unless he's busy from sun up, till sun down.  I also think he's lonely.  My brother moved out a month ago and he's looking for stuff to do. So I'm happy to have him visit for the week.  I haven't spent much time with him over the past year, so we have a lot of catching up to do.  And I'm gonna slip in a trip to Niagara Falls too.  This will make Julien VERY happy.  Niagara Falls is one of his favorite places.

Julien and his Poppy.

With my dad here, we are going to tackle my basement.  There are Tupperware containers FULL of clothes. Like, lots and lots of clothes.  Half are mine (which I thought I gave away, but there were still more), some are Julien's, and some are hubby's. All too big or, in Julien's case, too small for us!  I need to purge, purge, purge.  And there's also tons of broken toys down there.  I don't know why hubby stacked broken toys in the basement.  I mean they're broken.  They should go in the garbage no?  YES!  So I'm giving us Wednesday till dinner to get everything sorted.  It's either going to the dump or Goodwill.  All I can say is good riddance.  I hate clutter in my life. Clutter causes anxiety in me and I don't function well all anxious. Case and point: when I was morbidly obese I was an anxious mess all the time.  So it will feel real good to purge.

Game 1.

Game 2.

Jules and I leaving the bowling alley.

Tonight we took the boy bowling after dinner because it was only 2 bucks per person per game. We played a couple of games and I forewarned Julien that if we had a similar episode to the one we had the last time we went (he cried every time he threw the ball or we threw the ball), we would not be returning...EVER!  Okay, maybe not ever, but it would have been a very long time.  He did awesome!  No tears at all and he even congratulated us on good turns.   Hubby and I really played during the first game, and I won!  We threw the second game, and Julien won! Even though we were trying to bowl badly, hubby managed to almost win. He had to throw some gutter balls which is hard to do when the bumpers are up.  Hard, but not impossible. And I actually really threw a gutter ball.  The two of us looked like tools during the second game. The other bowlers must have thought we were bowling our first game ever.  Laughing and pointing at the losers getting gutter balls in the lane with the bumpers up.  Yeah, we looked like tools.  And the other bowlers were children.  No, I mean they really were children.

My eats from the past two days.