Friday, July 19, 2013

The post about Lexington Kentucky and another run that was a bust

So I got an interesting comment from Sharon a couple of posts ago.  She said she saw me on the Lexington Kentucky news Wednesday morning.  What?  She sent me the link and you can watch it here.  How cool is that?  Makes me wonder if I showed up anywhere else.  Bottom line, if my story helps to inspire others, then I'm happy.  I've been inundated with emails from Americans who want advice/help on getting started on Dr. Poon's diet and nothing makes me happier.  I really believe in the diet.  Yesterday I finally finished answering every email.  Thank you for reaching out to me.

Soaked after my 6K yesterday morning.

Yesterday morning my run was a complete bust again.  I completed it, but I'm not gonna lie, it was tres brutal.  I ran 6K at 5:30am at a 7:20 per kilometer pace.  Again the air was thick and I was soaked when I got back.  I'm not gonna pretend I wasn't proud of myself after finishing the run.  It's pouring rain here right now and I can feel a cold front moving in.  I'm gonna love my 10K run tomorrow morning.  I just need to feel like I'm a real runner again, without struggling.

My orthotics are useless.  I'm beginning to think that regardless of the orthotic adjustments I get, they just are not going to work for me.  With my most recent adjustment, my toes are cramping even earlier.  Pisses me off because I spent almost $600 on the orthotics and they are doing NOTHING for me!  I go back to see the foot specialist in a couple of weeks.  I think I'm gonna go to my doctor and get a referral for an ultrasound.  I need to know if I will ever be able to run a full marathon or if I'm just wasting my time.  If I can't run a full, I'll just do half marathons.  My toes still cramp during the half, but it's not something I can't handle. Without orthotics it usually happens around 13K which only leaves me 8K to run in pain.  A full though? I know I wouldn't make it.  I'd have to run 29K in pain.  Makes me sad but I won't stop running. My othotics are so bad, I can't even wear them now.

Today was my last day of work for THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!  That's right.  I'm officially on summer vacation.  Let the day trips begin!  We are having a staycation.  Just day trips around the greater Toronto/Hamilton/Niagara area.  And it's all good.  Julien loves going to the water parks and attractions around here.  And we'll be spending time at the beach.  I may or may not be brave enough to post a picture of me in a bathing suit.  We shall see.

My massage therapist finally returned from Spain.  I saw him this morning.  He stripped my quads. They definitely needed stripping but I think he went easy on me.  The man just got back from a 800K pilgrimage (which he completed), so I guess I'll have to give him a pass.  The next time I see him though, I expect him to be relentless no matter how much I scream.  I count on having things stripped because although it's extremely painful at the time, it's better in the long run.  ARGH!!!!!! The things I do to run!

This picture is just because.  I crack up when I see it.
That's Julien's foot of course....

I got my nails done!  It was payday.

A blurry picture of my dinner tonight.

My eats from the past two days.


  1. Thank you for sharing the video--very nice! You have done an amazing thing! I know how hard it is to lose half of what you have lost.

    Nice to have 3 weeks off. I know you will enjoy it, and so will your family.

    I noticed how thin your hands and fingers look. They look so nice, especially with the manicure. Take care...

  2. Hi,
    I just watched your video that you made about your weight loss. What an incredible transformation you have gone through! Bravo! So many people try to get healthy, but many, as you well know, do not succeed. You have. By shear determination. Congratulations for making such a difference for your son. He must be so proud of you.

    Happy vacation! Nice nails, too, btw.

  3. That's so cool about Lexington. It really is a small world.
    I think it's really amazing staying on track at the Mandarin. For me, it's just too dangerous there.

  4. Wow Leigh! That is fantastic! Happy for you and your celebrity status:) Sorry about your feet and the pain you are suffering:( Have a very awesome staycation;)

  5. Holy Poop! How awesome! But I am curious how they obtained the rights to report on your story. (I mean wouldn't they have to have permission to plaster you on air? LOL) How great that you are taking the time to answer everyone.

    1. Oh, they have permission. I signed releases for Everyday Health and their affiliates. Apparently my story has also appeared on the Women's Health website. And the news in Lexington cited Everyday Health as their source. So it's all legit...

  6. I'm so inspired by you. I now weigh 288.2, and I feel so trapped. You spoke a lot of common sense in your women's health story article. I have just been afraid of the fear and loneliness when not eating, and afraid I'll speak up when I'm mistreated. But God himself spoke through your words- the answer is to be brutally honest. I'm going to read your journey and stay connected, thank you.

    1. I can relate to the comfort that food brought me when I felt lonely. But it was just a band-aid. I no longer use food as therapy. You need to find another way to filter out the fear and loneliness. I found running which has been my saving grace. Please do stay connected.

  7. I watched that video.. how cool!
    Now I know your actual name too. That is cool too.
    Keep up the good work L, you ROCK.