Monday, July 15, 2013

The post about, a curvy fit girl, getting support and thoughts of binging

Something really strange happened today.  Apparently my story was on the front page of  I did not know this was going to happen, and it would explain the 11,000 hits I got to my blog today.  Whoa!  So to everyone who has sent me a private message or comment, I promise to answer everyone...I just need a couple of days.  I'm a bit overwhelmed.  Thanks for the heads up Josh!

A HUGE shout out to Kelly (Curvy Fit Girl) who wrote a very much appreciated blog post about me. All I can say to you girl is that the feeling is completely mutual and reciprocated.  Kelly is truly amazing and I'm in total awe that she was able to do what I tried to do in vain for years.  She lost all her weight following Weight Watchers.  I can't follow an eating plan that isn't completely strict and regimented.  I'm too much of a carb/sugar addict and binge eater.  So huge props to the amazing Kelly.  She's the Sexy Curvy Fit Girl and has the best guns around!

Tonight I went to a Dr. Poon support group in Scarborough.  Since I was so close to my dad's place, I went and had dinner with him first.  Afterwards I went to a local Tim Horton's and met a great group of people who are in different stages of their weight loss journeys.  As always, it was great too just sit around with people who are dealing with the same issues that a strict diet brings. Unless you have battled with obesity, it is hard to understand what goes through the mind on any given day.

My husband was surprised when I mentioned in my Youtube video for Julien that I struggle with thoughts of binge eating.  He half smiled and said, "you're just saying that for effect, right?".  He was shocked when I told him that it is something I think about EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Not one day has gone by in the past 22 months where I have not thought of binging.  I haven't acted on it, but it is always in the back of my mind. I'm confident I won't act on it, but this is exactly why I cannot have just one of anything that is deemed "off limits" to me.

I missed my "Day in Pictures" yesterday, so you get an extra special double dose today.  Lucky you.  Sorry for the fly-by post, but 5 am comes early and I have to run tomorrow morning. Marathon training waits for no one!

After my 13K LSD yesterday.  My orthotics didn't work.
My toes cramped at 10K:(

My dinner last night.  Ribs, sauteed cabbage and sweet potato.

My not so great lunch.  Subway salad during a client meeting.

My newly painted blue toenails...just because.

What I wore today taken in the bathroom mirror of Chapters.
Those are jean shorts from Reitmans, and a $4 lace top from Joe Fresh.

My daddy and I.

The Poon support group.

What I ate the last two days.