Saturday, July 13, 2013

The post about my 6K steady and not being prepared

I was procrastinating like crazy this morning.  I only had to do a 6K steady run as per my marathon training schedule.  My gal Tanya had to cancel on me because her little guy got sick last night and she was in emergency with him until 4 am.  Poor little peanut.  Thankfully he's feeling much better.  I could have been done early if I just rolled out of bed and gotter done, but instead I hung around the house drinking coffee and getting hungrier and hungrier.  I knew I just had eggs and stuff for a recovery meal because the pickins were pretty slim in the house.  By the time I made it out to the rail trail, I was starved because it was 9:45 and I'd been up since just after 6 am.  So I had a tablespoon full of natural peanut butter (not Paleo, and not a long run day), and a banana (Paleo, but something I avoid because I can't have just one).  I wasn't feeling great about my breakfast choices but I had to make do because I knew I'd have a really bad run without something in my stomach.  Bad planning!  I know better.

I headed out to the store this afternoon to purchase some stuff to tide us over until I do a major shop tomorrow night.  I have hard boiled eggs and strawberries for the morning, then I have my LSD of 13K. Tomorrow will mark the end of week two of marathon training.

I finally got my orthotics back.  I was told I'd have them on Monday, but didn't get them until Friday.  I wore them this morning and I don't know.  They don't feel like anything.  I'm not feeling like this is going to be my solution.  I'll know better after my long run tomorrow.

So keeping it brief, but here is my day in pictures.  It was a pretty boring day around the house.  I had to get stuff (laundry, meal prep) done.  Tomorrow we will venture out and enjoy the nice weather.  I like hanging on my deck, but I need to enjoy this beautiful weather in case it doesn't last much longer.  Mother Nature's been in a bit of a snit lately.

Not my best option for a breakfast.
Done! 6K steady.
Recovery meal. Three eggs scrambled, 1/2 an avocado, strawberries.
A selfie of Smitty and I.

My $7 Old Navy outfit. The shorts were
four bucks, the top three bucks.

Steak, mushrooms with onion, sweet potato, tomato salad.

What I ate today.