Monday, October 21, 2013

The post about being featured in the Huffington Post, fall food and an exciting marathon weekend

I am going to be featured on the Canadian Huffington Post tomorrow!  I was contacted by Arti Patel, the Associate Editor of the HP a few weeks ago.  She sent me a bunch of questions to answer and wrote up this lovely article.  You can read it here.  It touches on a couple of things I have struggled with in my past. Namely my issues with bulimia as a teen.  I have not really discussed my bulimia with my family.  For some of them, this will be their first time reading about it.  I figure that if I can help even one other person change their life by putting my story out there, it is all worth it!

Sunday was a flurry of activity here at the Costa residence.  I was in my jammies until after 2pm.  I was doing all kinds of stuff around the house.  We finally brought in the house plants from outside and hubby and Jules cleaned up the back yard.  This included raking leaves and cutting down some of the perennial plants in the garden. All the patio stuff was also put away for the winter.  I love the fall, but I don't necessarily like the fall clean-up.  It means winter is right around the corner.

I made a Paleo brunch, slow cooked a roast, did the mountain of laundry that
I do every weekend, let my hair air dry, brought in the house plants, and watched
Smitty NOT clean her private parts for a change.

Part of the reason I was in my jammies until 2pm was because I was stalking runner's results from the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.  Lanni Merchant and Krista DuChene both broke the Canadian's women marathon record.  I saw that some people I follow on Twitter qualified for Boston.  And 82-year-old Ed Whitlock ran a 3:41:58 marathon.  Amazing!  Next year this is going to be my marathon.  It will be the next marathon that I will train for.  I'm not going to lie.  I'm still feeling the sting of missing out on the Road2Hope this year (due to breaking my ankle on September 4th), and as the marathon date approaches (November 3), I can't help but feel let down. But I'm looking at the positives.  I have four more weeks of physio, then I can start running again. And I have a half marathon and a 30K to look forward to.  I need to start training again.  Without a goal in mind, I'm feeling a little lost!

This coming weekend is my husband's first half marathon (Niagara Falls).  I am very proud of him, and am really excited to see him complete this goal he set for himself.  I'm also super excited to see some elite runners taking part in the half marathon.  Including Olympian Reid Coolsaet.  I'm thinking of making a sign. I've never been a spectator before.  I've always been a runner.  The best spectators are the ones who make a ton of noise and talk to you when you run by.  So I'm definitely bringing my cow bells.  It will be fun, and even though I'll be spectating alone, it will be a new and awesome experience for me.

Yesterday I made Paleo pancakes.  There were three ingredients.  Two ripe bananas, two eggs, 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon.  Hubby ate his with 100% pure maple syrup, I passed on the syrup.  We could have been uber Paleo and used 100% pure organic maple syrup, but I'm too cheap to buy that stuff!  I thought they were okay, hubby was not impressed with the consistency.  Maybe next time I`ll add some almond flour to give them a firmer texture.  I did splurge and buy organic breakfast sausages!

Today was a bit of a struggle for me food wise.  I was with a client for a good part of the day and we had lunch out.  He initially wanted McDonald's, and I was able to talk him out of that.  I agreed to compromise and we ate at Subway.  Not my best option, but sometimes you have to pick your battles.  I got a roasted chicken salad with double the chicken.  My issue was that after he mentioned McDonald's, I kept thinking about a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.  When I was morbidly obese, no word of a lie, I would go through the McDonald's drive thru on my way home from work.  The Quarter Pounder meal with super sized fries and large diet coke (God forbid I drank calories) was my mid-afternoon snack.  I would eat that in my car, during my commute home through slow traffic.  I would stop at a gas station before getting home to dispose of the evidence because dinner was waiting for me.  Why I felt like I wanted a Quarter Pounder today is beyond me. The urge is gone, thank goodness!  But it was strong for a couple of hours.  I'm glad my client kept me focused on something else!

I think I need a bang trim again.  Baby and I watching All in the Family.
What I wore today.Everything from the waist up Value Village, everything from the
waist down Reitmans.
Dinner: roast, acorn squash, mashed cauliflower, cumin carrots.

Tomorrow is a busy day.  I have to get to the blood clinic first thing in the morning (in Scarborough) to get blood drawn so that Dr. Pitt can rest assured that I am not lacking any nutrients.  I just had my blood drawn in June, I doubt anything has changed since then.  Then I'm off to the bank with my dad to take care of some stuff with him. Then I have to get an x-ray on my foot regarding my crampy toe issue.  Then I have an appointment with a client.  Then I'm back in the Hammer for my physio appointment.  I have to make a casserole for work on Wednesday because we're having a pot luck lunch.  I'm not sure what I'm making yet, but it will definitely be something I can eat.  It's late, I'm thirsty, and I think the bullets are going to return for my next blog post  I'm funnier with bullets.