Friday, October 11, 2013

The post about the most important person in my life, a weigh-in and biker chic

Julien in his birthday boy finery.  He got a Nintendo 3DS.  He is a very
good boy and totally deserved it.

  • Today was a super duper special day.  It was Julien's 6th birthday.  Every day I look at my beautiful boy and am awed by the fact that I created that piece of perfection.  His conception was the most important thing in my life.  And the one thing I can claim with 100% certainty that I did absolutely right.  After Julien was born, we tried to have another child, but I suffered a particularly brutal and prolonged miscarriage.  This likely had to do with the fact that I was morbidly obese.  I had an "a-ha" moment after the miscarriage where I realized that he was the only child I needed in my life. He completed me and I didn't think I had more room in my heart for someone else.  He had complete possession of it.  We decided that we were going to be a family of three.
  • I was adopted as a child and had no other blood relatives in my life (until 2010).  Julien was a piece of me and represented such an important part of my identity.  Growing up with no one that looked like me and constantly wondering where I came from was tough at times.  I felt like he was my home after he was born.  I could look into his eyes and see a piece of my soul.
  • When I think of Julien I think of joy.  I think of innocence and pureness.  I also think that there is absolutely nothing I wouldn't do for him.  He was born at 5:57 pm.  I had a c-section and they took him to the nursery for the first night of his life because I was frozen from the waist down.  My husband couldn't stay with me because I was in a semi-private room.  He had to leave later in the night and I was alone with an empty bed because the woman I was sharing with was still in the delivery room.  I put on my mp3 player to listen to the radio to help me fall asleep and I'll Stand by You by the Pretenders came on.  I just remember crying while listening to that song because it was exactly how I felt about my newborn son (and I was still as high as a kite).  I can't hear that song to this day without getting choked up because it makes me think of the deep love I have for that boy.
  • I get asked a lot via email what keeps me motivated, dedicated, on plan.  The above three bullets keep me motivated, dedicated and on plan.  He has been my inspiration since day one and I won't disappoint him or let him down.  I can't stand by him if I'm not here.

Julien and I though the years.
Top Left: One day old.
Bottom Left: Third birthday party.
Right: Just shy of his 6th birthday.

  • This morning we were up early.  Julien had a PA (professional activity) day from school so he was having some friends over for cake and ice cream in the afternoon.  We had to head out to Walmart to pick up the cake and get the stuff for loot bags.  Julien asked me what boys were if girls were pretty. I told him that boys are usually described as handsome.  He asked if I thought he was handsome.  I said of course, that he was the most handsome boy I knew.  Then I asked if he thought I was pretty and he said, "No mommy. You aren't pretty.  You are the most beautiful girl I know.  Even more beautiful than Princess Peach (Super Mario)".  My heart melted.
  • The party went off without a hitch.  Six kids showed up which was plenty...and four parents?  What happened to the days when you just wanted to leave your kid at someone else's house for the afternoon.  Of course I had to feed them too.  Harrumph! 
  • Yesterday I weighed in.  I am shocked that I am at my lowest adult weight ever!  I will tell you though, I'm pretty sure I'm losing muscle mass.  I feel flabby and my clothes are not fitting me any better. Although I am lighter, I'm not smaller.  I'm not too concerned though.  Once I start running again, I'll firm up.  I'll just focus on dropping a few more pounds.  I have six more weeks to focus on weight loss.
  • I miss my gal Tanya.  She's on a prolonged holiday with her family in France and Sweden.  I have to wait about three more weeks until she's back.  Hope they are having a good time.
  • Yesterday I stayed up until midnight to finish up the puzzle from hell.  I had to get it done so that I could take it's picture, then rip it apart.  My eyes were buggy by the time I finished it.

Top Left:  My weigh-in.
Bottom Left: My $19 haul from Reitmans.  The shoes were $10, the bracelet $4, the sunglasses $5.
Top Right: A better look at my kick ass sungalsses.
Bottom Right: The puzzle from hell.

  • While I was working on my puzzle last night, my husband was watching clips on YouTube of Joyce Dewitt being interviewed by Suzanne Sommers on her show a few years back...without head phones! I would have done something so embarrassing in private.  That's all I have to say about that.
  • It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and I'm having dinner with my family on Sunday and my in-laws on Monday.  Looking forward to both meals.  I have been assured that there will be meat and veggies at both dinners, so I am covered.
  • During the birthday party today, I noticed my husband eating Cheetos, party mix and chips like a champ. Paleo my ass.  And it pisses me off that he can have that shit and be done with it.  If I started eating that crap, I'd have gorged myself and would be sleeping off a carb hang-over right now. Instead I drank wine after physio.  Don't judge me.  Did I mention that three of Julien's friends are autistic? Three hours.  The party was three hours long.
  • I went and did some retail therapy again yesterday.  I always check out the clearance racks at Reitmans and came out with a few gems.  Sexy sandals for $10, cool shades for $5, and a bracelet for $4.  I also bought a sweater shawl and my gift card has dipped below $100.00.  Yikes!  My relationship with Reitmans is coming to an end. Soon I'll be frequenting Value Village like it's my job again.  Love the stuff I get there for super cheap! Thrift is the way to go.
  • Today I looked Biker Chic according to Graham's (physiotherapist) assistant Lana. She ultra-sounded my ankle and you can see in the picture below how high up the break actually was.  I thought it was much lower.  Don't ask why I'm wearing my shades and leather coat while doing exercises.  I'm always cold and I put the shades down when Graham was stretching my ankle so he couldn't see the tear that dropped from the corner of my eye.  I'm being serious.  It freaking HURT!  He also cracked my toes which never fails to gross me out.  Have I mentioned lately how much I HATE FEET!
  • See the photo on the left below.  I do not know how many times Finn has photo bombed my pictures. Most times I crop him out.  He could be in a completely different part of the yard and the minute I'm getting a picture done, he's behind me.  Strange that.
  • Another good hair day in the books. I'm off to bed.  I have a ton of laundry to do tomorrow and meal prep to start for the week.  Back to work on Tuesday.  Yeah baby!

Left: Biker Chic from VV, Reitmans and Walmart. The entire outfit
including real leather jacket...$42.  I am a shopping goddess.
Middle: Getting my ankle ultra-sounded to aid in bone repair.
Top Right: Doing physio exercises.
Bottom Right: Graham stretching the ankle.