Saturday, October 5, 2013

The post about a "time out", long johns and what a fashionisto is

Check out my cool motorcycle boot. Can't wait to wear both.
This morning Batman examined my good foot and my cast while I
drank coffee. He's hot (and I definitely need to get out).

  • Today has been a very long, very boring day.  I'm doing laundry, tidying up the house, and spending waaaaaaaaaaay too much time on Pinterest.  I need a life.
  • Only 3 more days before my next ankle x-ray.  If they tell me I have to keep the boot on longer, I am seriously going to hurt someone.
  • My husband is beside himself with joy.  We have a free preview for Deja View until the end of October.  He is now able to watch Three's Company, The Facts of Life, and The Golden Girls.  All of his favorite classic TV shows in no particular order.  He is going to divorce me for writing this bullet.
  • Today was a bit harrowing for me.  I had to do something I haven't had to do since June 3rd, 2012.  I had to put Julien in the "time out" chair.  He's a very good boy, but his listening skills have been lacking lately.  I finally reached my boiling point and had to give him a time out.  He cried like I had taken away his will to live.  There is peace in the house now, but it was a very stressful 15 minutes.
  • I went to Reitman's yesterday and bought a pair of riding boots in cognac.  I called around and found a store that carried a pair in my size 10 clown feet.  I managed to get the last pair within a 50K radius.  It's a good thing I acted when I did.  I now have just over $130 left on my Reitman's gift card.  It will be strange when it's run out.  I've had it since January 2013. I have a feeling we won't make it to our one year gift-card-iversary. I look for any reason to celebrate.

Smitty doing what she loves her butt. And Paula
did make a good point.  Smitty's butt is not going to clean itself.
Regardless of her frequent butt licking, she is cute as a button.
Looking my absolute best first thing in the morning. Check
out that dimple!

  • I'm feeling fat, bloated and lazy this week.  I just need to get moving again.  I do not like this sedentary lifestyle I have been forced to have.  My stomach feels flabbier, my legs aren't as muscle defined as they were.  It's been over a month and I feel like a total slug.  I know, I know.  I'm an annoying whiner...
  • Yesterday I got the opportunity to wear my very cool, very manly motorcycle boot. That's right, just the one.  It did get complimented on at Reitman's by the sales girl.  I think she was just blowing smoke up my ass though because I couldn't picture her ever wearing motorcycle boots.  She wanted to make a sale for sure because she also complimented me on the stylishness of my moon boot.  Definitely blowing smoke up my ass.
  • I have done some blog maintenance.  I have updated my recipes and added a lot more blogs to my blog roll.  Sadly, I had to part with some of my favorite blogs because they were stagnant.  I always wonder how some of my favorite bloggers are doing when they don't update for months.  Drop me a line if you're reading this.
  • I just went upstairs to use the washroom and found my husband wearing long johns. The kind that look like baby jammies.  He's wearing them around the house like an outfit.  He's really going to divorce me now...
  • It took me and my hubby three days to eat an entire 11 pound turkey.  We ate it for dinner Thursday, lunch and dinner Friday, and lunch today.  I also grabbed chunks of meat whenever I opened the fridge. Finn (the lucky dog) got a couple of good meals too.  So there is no trace left of our amputee bird...unless you look in my green bin.  I suck at body disposal.

My eats from the past two days.

  • I think I have talked my husband into letting me make the spare room into a closet. Since he has lost weight he has become a bit of a budding fashionisto (that's the male version of a fashionista and I'm not sure I concur...see bullet above about the long john jammies).  So I convinced him that the mountains of clothes he will be getting (from Value Village because who would want to pay full price for name brand stuff), will need to be housed in a dressing room type closet. And I acquiesced and will let him turn a small area of my walk in closet into a home office. He doesn't need one, because he doesn't actually do anything that requires an office, but I'll give in this one time, since I'll likely claim it as my office.  I am a good and fair wife who is full of great ideas!
  • I spent a good portion of last night watching "dedication" videos on YouTube.  I don't know why I felt the need to watch home made tribute montages of period romance movies, but I did and I am admitting it for all to see.  I'll never get that time back again and as I type this, I'm thinking about going back on YouTube again as soon as I'm done.  I seriously may need an intervention.
  • Yesterday, I was explaining to someone what my ethnic background was and since they weren't from North America, I said I was Native North Pocahontas. They responded that they loved Pocahontas.  Now I never really thought about loving Pocahontas before, but it made me think about her rock'in cartoon body.  I think that I would love to have that body.  So the planning begins...
  • My husband told me (in a very "na na na na na" way) that I'm slotted to run 29K tomorrow.  The bastard!  Maybe I should divorce him...
  • Since my last two days have been so boring, this is all I got for you.  I think I'll read some literature with Batman in lieu of the tribute montages.