Thursday, October 17, 2013

The post about a podiatrist, The Mandarin and those damn nuts

My fortune from yesterday...
I am being sooooooooo patient, and still no knock:(
  • Yesterday was a pretty packed day.  First thing in the morning I had a doctor's appointment with my GP, Dr. Pitt.  He saw me over the summer for my yearly physical, so it hasn't been that long since he's seen me.  He walks into the examination room and says, "Leigh Anne, you are so small".  So he sits down and starts asking me a bunch of questions about my broken ankle.  Then we move onto the subject of my weight loss and he wanted to know exactly what I ate in a day.  He's furiously writing everything down, and I thought it was for my file, but he was making a note for himself to take home.  I also told him to Google Paleo 'cos he'd get a lot more info.  He didn't say anything to me, but when I told him I didn't eat dairy, grains, any processed foods, refined sugar or legumes, he looked at me and said, "still"?  Yup!  So he ordered blood tests for me.  I just had them done in June, but he wants to make sure all my levels are good.
  • I like his scale better than mine, it says 162.  My husband insists that our house scale is two pounds heavier than every other scale in the world.  Meh. Maybe.  I use my scale for official weigh-ins though, so it doesn't matter what Dr. Pitt's scale says.  
  • Dr. Pitt completed the referral for the podiatrist and gave me a requisition to get an x-ray and to have an ultrasound on my foot.  The x-ray gets done this coming Tuesday, and the ultrasound is scheduled for the week after.  I'm anxious but hopeful that I'll get the answers I need about my crampy toes.
  • After my doctors appointment I went to meet a client for a lunch meeting.  Being off work for so long meant that I had not been eating out at all.  When I'm working I eat out on average 3x per week. Eating out and maintaining a healthy life style can be done. I'm living proof.  I have eaten out 3x per week since I started losing weight.  It's all about not being afraid to ask for what you want.  If what you want to eat is not on the menu, ask for an accommodation.  Way back when I was on Phase 1 of Dr. Poon's diet, I took a client to a pizza parlor for her birthday.  It was an old style sit down pizza place. It was lovely, but there was literally nothing I could eat on the menu except a starter salad.  I looked at the toppings that were on the pizza menu and asked the waiter if the chef could grill me a chicken breast with some sauteed veggies.  They were more than happy to accommodate me.  I just had to ask.
  • Yesterday I ate at the Mandarin, which is a Chinese buffet.  It is one of my favorite places to eat because it's very easy to follow Paleo there.  They have a salad bar with lots of raw veggies, a carvery with roast beef and grilled chicken and steak.  They also have some sort of baked fish, cooked shrimp and mussels and lots of fresh fruit.  Even though my client always complains about my lack of food variety, I always feel good when I leave because I know I ate well.  And watching other people eat crap food always helps me stay on track.  I drank a ton of water to flush out the added sodium.

Top left: enjoying my morning coffee (in my driveway).
Bottom left: Waiting for Dr. Pitt.
Right: Leaving the Mandarin. The entire outfit is from
Reitman's with the exception of the cable knit sweater.
That's from Old Navy. I love fall clothes!

  • My poor little cat Baby had to be taken to the vet today.  Her fleas are out of control. She's licked herself raw on her back and even though we have given her the flea treatment 3x, she is in bad shape. Fingers crossed that she starts feeling better soon. She got a steroid shot, so I'm just waiting for her meow to become all manly and Arnold like.
  • Smitty on the other hand is still flea free!  I know the fleas won't come back on Smitty because she loves me and just wouldn't do that to me.  Baby only tolerates me because I feed her.  Butt licking aside, Smitty's working her way back to favorite pet status.
  • I spent the day in the office today...dreadful.  A regular 9-5 office job is not for me.  I got lots of work done, true...but when I'm not out and about seeing clients, the day drags. Tomorrow I have three appointments, so thank God it's Friday!
  • I was talking with my co-worker today and we got onto the topic of my blog.  She said, "in a way, you've gone full circle".  What she meant by that was I initially went to school (when I was 18) to be a Photojournalist.  That never panned out for me and I ended up going back to school to become a Child and Youth Worker.  That's the field I work in now.  But I've always liked to write for fun and that's part of the reason I was initially drawn to Photojournalism.  Although Photojournalism focuses more on the photography aspect of journalism, writing was definitely more my thing.  And now I write again.  I don't get paid for it, but I enjoy it and if can help someone through sharing my story, that's an added bonus!
  • For dinner I ate an obscene amount of cabbage.  Nuff said.

This makes me giggle.

  • At the office, there is always tasty treats lying around.  My boss has a huge bowl filled with Halloween chocolate bars in his office.  After Halloween he'll fill it with Christmas chocolates.  He keeps that bowl full of something sugary.  Today in the kitchen, there were Costco pumpkin pies.  I have zero problem resisting those treats. I'm just not interested.  This afternoon I got a unit wide email from a co-worker who announced she had an assortment of dried fruit and nuts at her desk.  Holy Hanna!  I could not get to her desk fast enough.  FINALLY, something I could eat!  It wasn't a good situation. I kept going back to her desk over and over.  See?  I am completely without restraint when it comes to nuts.  I'm even supposed to be off nuts right now.  No willpower what so ever!  They had better be gone tomorrow or I'm accidentally knocking them on the floor.  Or maybe I just don't walk by her desk. Doesn't matter.  I think I ate most of them already.
  • I just ordered a mother load of Moroccan Oil from my sister-in-law.  Fourteen bottles. At $15 a pop I'll be using it for years!  I'm actually splitting it with my girlfriend Linda. But my portion should still last me years.  I guess I'm keeping my hair long for a few more years at least!
  • I got lots of nice compliments on my hair and outfit today. I saw some people that I haven't seen since June due to vacations and then my medical leave.  They said they didn't recognize me because I looked so different.  That makes me wonder what I would have looked like if I actually got to run the 250K I was scheduled to run in September.  
  • You may not know this, but I'm dying to run again. Oh sorry, have I mentioned that before?  Silly me!  Don't you hate repetitiveness?
  • Last but definitely not least, I want to give a shout out to my girl Vanessa.  She's nursing a sprained ankle and has been off her feet for a few days.  Go on over to Athena Banded Warrior and give her some love.  Tell her Leigh sent you:)