Thursday, October 24, 2013

The post about a tine in my intestine, matchmaking for Paleoists and my leathers


  • Graham popped my ankle at physio on Tuesday night.  He wasn't supposed to, but while he was putting pressure on it, it just popped on it's own.  HUGE difference in my range of motion.  So now I have new exercises to do because the ankle popped.  It's all good.  I can definitely feel that it's not as stiff.  Still grosses me out that he'll get so close to my feet...or anyone's feet for that matter. I hate feet.
  • My lovely colleague Adriana asked me about Half Salt today.  She wanted to know what it is and if I still use it.  Well Adriana, half salt is a salt and potassium chloride mixture.  It contains 50% less sodium than regular salt.  I used it while I was losing weight and following Dr. Poon's Metabolic Diet. I do not use half salt anymore.  That is because I use sea salt as any good Paleoist would.  I'm jiving you.  You're not a bad Paleoist if you don't use sea salt.  And I'm sure that Paleoist isn't even a word. I just made it up.
  • Today I headed on over to the Huffington Post to see if there were any comments left on the article that was written about me.  There were four.  There are 8 now because I responded to them all.  That is a tough crowd over there!  The first comment was short and sweet.  I know who left it.  The next comment said that I still look fat.  Now that was a huge blow to my already fragile self esteem. Whatever.  The 3rd comment wanted to know why they didn't write a story about how I gained 145 pounds in the first place.  Then the same person left another comment which I'm not sure how to take. Am I flattered?  I think so.  The comment was, and I quote "look like she invested in some fake hair extensions in the past year too".  OMG!  My hair looks that good that they figure it has to be fake? LOVE it!  Now if they knew anything about me, they would know that I am super cheap frugal.  I would sooner cut off my neighbor's beautiful locks in her sleep than pay for someone's hair to attach to my head.  Sheesh!  Thanks for the compliment though;)
  • I completely forgot how much I loved the Moist song "Breathe".  It's from 1999 and it was on the compilation CD, Big Shiny Tunes 4 which was put out by Much Music.  I also forgot that I used to have a crush on David Usher.  So I Googled him.  He has aged very well.  Still looking good David!
  • Yesterday was a pot-luck lunch at work.  It consisted of a bunch of international dishes.  I definitely did not eat 100% Paleo.  I had some meat dishes and I'm not sure what the sauces were that they were cooked in.  I also ate this beet and herring salad. Sounds gross and looked even grosser, but was surprisingly yummy.  I think there were eggs in there too.  Needless to say, my stomach didn't feel stellar at the end of lunch.  I'm sure I ate dairy.
  • I also ate a plastic fork tine.  Funny thing was, I knew I bit it off and instead if spitting it out, I just swallowed it.  Why?  I'm not sure.  I'm definitely going to have chalk up the pot luck lunch as a cheat meal.  I'm positive that plastic fork tines are not Paleo.

Top left: Bun less burger and sweet potato fries from the Pickle Barrel
Bottom left: My lunch from today, left over spaghetti squash Bolognese
Right: My client's strawberry cheesecake birthday sundae

  • Today I worked late.  I didn't leave the office until after 7:15 pm.  I would have left earlier, but my boss and I were discussing the possibility of opening a Paleo restaurant.  Now don't ask me where we would get the funds to do this, it's along the same lines as the tour bus/yacht idea.  But I think it would be seriously successful.  Not only would you attract all the Paleoists and Primalists, but the Celiacs would come a running too.  If it's Paleo, it's gluten free.  We also decided that it would be a matchmaker business as well.  We both felt very strongly that we should aid lonely Paleoists, Primalists and Celiacs in finding true love.  Don't ask how that part of the conversation came up.  I'm still trying to figure that out myself.
  • I was in the office yesterday and today.  L-o-n-g days for me.  I made banana bread to bring in for team meeting yesterday.  So all day, it sat behind me on the snack table that is located right behind my work pod.  It actually didn't bother me in the least.  Now if there were nuts there? I definitely wouldn't be able to control myself. I'm a lover of nuts.  I love nuts of all kind (I'm going to stop that now).  Funny how times have changed.  There was a time where I wouldn't have given nuts a second thought but I would have eaten all the banana bread and two-bite brownies (which were also there) all by myself and in record time.  Possibly even taking them to the bathroom so I could eat them in private.  Man I was a hot mess!
  • While I was walking down Yonge Street yesterday, some dude said that I had a nice piece of ass.  Now again, one of those comments that I'm not sure if I'm flattered or offended.  It left me wondering what piece of it was nice.  And why just a piece of it? Why not the entire ass?  I was wearing the jeans that my girlfriend Elin says my bum looks good in.  I didn't say anything in response, but almost said "thank you", just out of habit.
  • On Tuesday I had an x-ray on my foot for the issue with my crampy toes.  I had to wait about an hour so I brought my e-reader and started reading a new book that I thought was just one of my regular smut books.  Smutty, but not too smutty.  Turns out, it was too smutty. I got uncomfortable reading it in the crowded waiting room but couldn't stop.  Thank goodness it was an e-reader and no one knew what I was reading (except that they may have guessed from my heavy breathing and flushed face).  
  • I am almost officially done with Reitmans.  I have $3 left on my gift card.  I bought two sweaters on Tuesday.  I can still get a pair of earrings on clearance.  Feels good because I was obsessing over the last bit of money left on the card.  I am strange that way.  We have come a long way, that gift card and I.  I had it for 9 months.  I'm feeling a little nostalgic right now and can hear "Memory" from Cats in my head.
  • Although I curse the cold every morning, I also love it because I get to wear my leather coats/jackets again. Love my leathers.  And just in case you're new here, I bought 2 leather coats and 2 leather jackets last year from Value Village for under $100 bucks in total.  Two of them were in brand new condition too.  See? Frugal!
  • I'm off to bed.  My contacts are drying out and I can't see the computer screen clearly anymore.  I'm also at a crucial part in my book.  I need to go read before I nod off to sleep.  Big weekend ahead.  It's my hubby's first half marathon on Sunday!  Good night beautiful people!
Some stuff I wore over the past few days.
Top left: My $4 bracelet from Reitmans
Top right: My Nine West leather coat
Bottom left: My tunic from Reitmans
Bottom right: At my desk with the banana bread and brownies behind me!
My hair extensions look a mess...


  1. :) thanks for the smiles. I have to google the first song though. I don't know it.

  2. A Paleo matchmatcher maker service!?! I believe back in the day it was club 'em over the head and drag them back to the cave;)

  3. Oh my goodness what crazy comments they were!! Why do people even bother if they can't be nice? You suit the blue colour, looks nice on you :)

  4. You. Crack. Me. Up! And now I'm singing Memories....from Cats...all day!

    Inspirational, great hair, and funny to boot...lady you are the whole package! And I bet it was your whole ass that looked great!! :)

  5. And this is why I would never want to be famous, good grief at those comments.

  6. I left a comment on the huff post article- which was awesome by the way. The haters are a great measurement that you are doing something that works. The people who project their feelings onto others that are successful operate this way. Kudos for you for NOT taking their bait.

    I posted a link to your article on my FB page. Hope that gets you some more positive comments.

    I love pink sea salt and garlic sea salt. Getting off regular salt, and a good Paleo template means that I don't have blood pressure problems and I need the sea salt to keep my blood pressure high enough so I feel good. Talk about a reversal from the SAD diet. Talk about the reverse of what most believe. It tastes so good, too.

    Good luck with your ankle. Try KickStarter and pitch to big city Toronto/Ontario/Hamilton established Paleo peeps for fund raising. I know there's a Toronto group somehwere... google it.

    Take care Leigh and so glad that you had a chance to talk about weight maintenance and the Paleo food template. The message is meant to come out organically for many reasons. I salute you You are a STAR!

  7. That blue top looks great on you!
    I don't understand the critical comments; what exactly are they trying to achieve?!

  8. Pshh you are not fat you are skinny! But lol on the hair comments :D I use sea salt all the time. Well not all the time I mean when I use salt. I think sea salt tastes way better than normal salt lol.

    My 50 shades are in book form so I read them in the bathroom / bedroom and make sure to leave them upside down cause I am paranoid my mom will somehow walk in and look at my book and know what it is LOL.

    Good thing for the e-reader :3

  9. i wish you would start telling us what you're reading. always looking for some new "prime reading"...I caught your Tessa Dare reference a week or so ago, but would love to know some new authors to read..maybe another page on your blog ? maybe you could be a fine literature book club leader ? ;)

  10. Leigh, you are beautiful and skinny. That person who wrote that mean comment probably didnt have their glasses on. You have inspired so many of us with your story. My total weight loss so far is 30 pounds and it all started after you shared your story. I hope you think about all the positive comments and all the lives you have changed by sharing your story instead of focusing on the cynical uncalled for ones.