Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The post about a jam packed weekend and going back to work

  • The above video shows Julien blowing out his birthday candles from the cake that Uncle Ross bought him (Monster's University).  He loved the cake (even though he doesn't eat it).  He just loves blowing out the candles and the toys he gets on the top. My voice is the one that is the loudest.  I hate hearing myself on tape.  I can't sing worth shit either.
  • This was an action packed weekend.  It started with Julien's birthday on Friday.  Lucky duck got three birthday celebrations.  Friday was his birthday party with friends, Sunday was his birthday celebration with my family and Monday was his birthday celebration with  my in-laws.  Julien had a great weekend.  It was Canadian Thanksgiving, so every year that we get together for the big holiday dinners, Julien gets treated like a king because his birthday always falls on the holiday weekend.  
  • There was lots of food this past weekend.  I managed to stay true to Paleo.  Hubby did not fare so well.  I knew he was going off the deep end when I saw him scarfing down the Cheetos, party mix and Chips on Friday.  Then Saturday night, he got into the extra party loot bags and ate the Smarties and giant rolls of Rockets.  After eating the candy, he moved onto bread with peanut butter.  But he didn't stop there.  No sir!  He ate the scalloped potatoes and pumpkin pie at my dad's place, then proceeded to delve into the tasty treats at his mom's place which included home made apple pie.  None of the contraband food he ate was a Paleo version.  Just watching him motivated me to not eat any crap.  I know that he got the sugar back into his system and was craving all that crap.  That is exactly why I did not eat off plan.
  • This past weekend I ate ham, broccoli, green beans, squash and cabbage with kielbasa (a dish my mom used to make) at my dad's place.  It was a joint effort by me and my sister-in-law, but mostly my sister in-law.  At my in-laws I had chicken and veal cutlets, rapini, tossed salad, green and yellow beans and fresh fruit.  Everyone else also enjoyed lasagna, pie and cake.  I definitely had a good eating weekend and was stuffed both days.  
Photos of Smitty and I are just to show Finn photo bombing AGAIN!
My funny faced kid getting his birthday cake at Poppy's house.

  • In the above photo, I tried my first attempt at the denim on denim look.  I think it looks good on other people, but wasn't sure if I could pull it off.  The entire outfit cost $21.50. The jeans are $8 from Value Village (American Eagle), the t-shirt $3.50 from Old Navy, the denim shirt $10 on clearance from Reitmans.  All in all, I think I did okay and Finn let me borrow his butt for free.  I look old in that picture.
  • My sister-in-law got me the Moroccan Oil.  I thought I would give it a try this morning. Clearly I don't need to use as much of the real Moroccan Oil as I do the fake crap.  I evenly distributed it throughout my hair, and my hair looked completely greasy.  I ended up having to wear a sock bun because I had no time to re-wash my hair.  I had to get to work!  Note to self, a little dab will do ya!  My co-workers did comment on the shininess of my up-do.
  • I made my lunch last night so it would be all ready for me to take to work this morning. I made salmon cakes, beet salad, brought some olives and a Honey Crisp apple (thank you Linda).  I finished everything by 12:30 and was famished by the time I made it to physio at 6:20 pm.  I ate when I got home, but I clearly need to bring more food with me.  There is rarely anything in the office I can eat.  I mean there's lots of food, just none of it is appropriate Paleo fare.
  • Today was my first full day back at work in 6 weeks.  September 3rd was the last time I was in the office to work.  That was my first day back from vacation, then I broke my ankle the very next morning. I got lots of nice compliments about looking good.  A few people gave me the up and down look.  I think they were trying to determine if I gained any weight.  The consensus was that I did not gain weight, and a few people claimed I lost weight.  I know that I have lost 3 pounds, but you can't see it on me.  I was pretty straight forward about what a struggle it's been the past 6 weeks trying to stay on plan. Now that I am busy again and not sitting around anymore, I am hoping that I can get back to focusing on weight-loss.  I've got five more weeks before I can start running again.
  • Even though I usually dread being in the office all day, I was just happy to get out of my house today.  I actually did get caught up on organizing stuff and contacting all my clients.  I have appointments booked for the rest of the week, so I'll finally get to have client contact again.  Something I missed a lot!
  • The ankle was pretty sore by the time I got to my physio appointment this evening. Graham stretched it out real good, and it was pretty painful at times.  In about three more weeks, he talked about popping a joint in my ankle to give it more movement. Apparently the other physio guy (Mark) will have to hold my legs down while Graham pops the joint.  Sounds like a lot of fun and I can't wait.  I am already stressed about this procedure.  
  • Graham told me that since I broke my fibula, my healing time will be shorter and I shouldn't have any issues when I run again.  Apparently it would have been much worse if I broke my tibia.  The fibula only absorbs 1/6 of your body's weight.  
  • Good night sweet people.  I am tired.  I had a long day.  Tomorrow morning I see my GP for a referral to a specialist regarding my crampy toe issues.  Really looking forward to getting some answers there.  Eat clean and have fun!