Saturday, October 19, 2013

The post about getting a much needed manicure, the inappropriate bikers and including Georges St. Pierre in my self employment plans

  • Apparently, my husband is officially annoyed by me.  Any time I ask him to take a picture of me results in an eye roll and an audibly loud "harrumph"!  Anybody want a job?
  • Today I went to get my nails done.  A much needed appointment.  I haven't had them done in over four weeks.  My nail guy is AMAZING! If you live in the Golden Horseshoe, it's worth the drive. 432 Nails Spa on Main East in Hamilton. Ask for "T" and tell him Leigh sent you. He is truly awesome! An artist at what he does.
  • I need more friends.  Why am I so lonely?
  • My girlfriend Karen dropped by this afternoon. Always nice to talk to another woman about woman issues.  
  • My first week back at work was uneventful.  That is all.

My MUCH needed manicure!

  • I am reading some prime literature right now.  I cannot wait until 10pm when I can read it again...alone!
  • I really need a life. My existence is pretty futile.
  • I got propositioned and cat called on my way into my nail appointment today.  When I'm "hit on", it's usually done by 20 somethings.  This afternoon a couple of dudes on BICYCLES propositioned me. And they were my age!  I had to laugh. It just seemed so comical to me.  I didn't totally understand what they said, but Googled it when I got home.  Ummmmm, NO!  Made me feel a little bit special, and a lot dirty...
  • I'm making Bolognese sauce and spaghetti squash as I type this...Yum!
  • Tomorrow I am going to make Carrot Ginger Soup.  I know it will be AWESOME!

Top left: Smitty going to town.
Bottom left: Our flea bitten varmint.
Right: Why I can't write Smitty off...

  • I'm chatting with my friend Shawn in Ireland right now and everything is awesome.  I'm not sure what we're discussing.  I'm on my 2nd glass of "grape juice".
  • Is it wrong that I'm jealous that my six year old has a better social calendar than I do?
  • Oh,I almost forgot! Yesterday I had lunch with my girls, Linda and Nina.  We have finalized our plans for self employment.  Nina is now on board and will act as my security.  Michael is off on vaca right now, but I know that when he gets back, he'll want a role too.  Anywho, we went back and forth on the tour buses.  We considered a train (like the Polar Express) only we'd call it the Poonapalooza Express, but people might get the wrong idea about what goes on on that train (you wouldn't be far off the mark).  We finally settled on a yacht.  Cool right?  Again, don't ask me what my job is, it's inconsequential.  We just sail the oceans and the Great Lakes in search of, I know not what.  And don't forget.  We have tutors (for our boys) and The Tudors (for Linda and I) and Stuart Reardon (just for me) and George Clooney and Georges St. Pierre (for Nina).  Realistically speaking, we couldn't all travel on even a couple of tour buses comfortably.  That's why we moved onto a yacht.  Praise be that we figured that out!
  • I wore an awesome outfit today, but my husband would not photograph me properly. He was too bothered to take my picture with any kind of enthusiasm.  Yeah, that's right, I'm attempting to shame him.
  • My cat has fleas. Good night.