Monday, October 7, 2013

The post about men, lots of men, beautiful men

The two main men in my life.  Julien is going to be 6 on Friday!
Aren't they beautiful?

  • Yesterday I drank too much wine.  I went to my girlfriend Elin's house for our weekly wine date and I was feeling pretty buzzed by the time I left.  I drank way more than the 120 oz of water I recorded in my food journal for yesterday.  I drank at least 60 oz more just before bed.  Won't be drinking red wine again for a while. At least not until next Sunday.
  • I had my other girlfriend Linda come over for a visit with her little guy yesterday morning.  The boys played together and we had a nice visit over coffee.  We're always discussing some weird and wonderful way that we can become self employed and travel the country.  We'd purchase a tour bus...two actually.  One for us and one for the kids.  The kids would travel with their tutors.  And I thought it would be a good idea if Linda and I got to travel with the Tudors.  She can have Jonathan Rhys Meyers and I'll take Henry Cavill.  Linda won't agree to this arrangement.  She would want Henry Cavill from the final season of the Tudors.  That's the only way she liked him.  Scruffy and with a beard.  I like him any way I can get him.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers is really just along for the ride. And we didn't actually discuss why we had to travel the country in a tour bus.  But that is inconsequential. We get to drive around North America with a couple of hot men.  
  • Can you tell that I'm super bored?  I'm discussing a fantasy life of traveling the country in a tour that would ever happen.  
  • During the week I'm alone a lot.  Today I spent a good part of the morning styling my hair and taking selfies because my hair turned out good.  You get treated to a couple self portraits so I can show you how great my bangs turned out.  I really have nothing else going on.
  • I forgot to mention that when I got my bangs trimmed last week, the hair dresser commented on how beautiful and healthy my hair is.  I said it to her and I'll say it to you, it has to do with my diet. Just over a year ago it was dry and brittle (but oily at the same time because I have to wash it every day...if that makes sense) and was breaking when I brushed it.  Now it's thicker and soft and it doesn't get knotty.  I believe it has to do 100% with what I eat.  I also don't have split ends and my hair hasn't been cut since the end of January 2013.

The secret is in the paddle brush as per Kristjan Hayden!

  • So I've read in a few weight-loss forums, people discrediting the Paleo diet saying that it is not a sustainable diet.  Apparently, if I limit myself too much and don't learn moderation, I am going to go off the deep end and eventually eat everything in sight. I'm guessing these remarks are being made by people who are not binge eaters and/or have not had a serious weight issue.  I have said this before and I'll say it again, I cannot eat anything in moderation.  Well maybe veggies and meat, but even fruit and nuts are a struggle for me.  Binging is still something I battle with every single day.  If I were to give into my desire to eat bread, pasta, chocolate, cakes and cookies, you better believe I will not stop at one serving.  I won't stop until I'm right back to where I started.  Not worth it to me.  So I'll just keep plugging along with my too restrictive and non-sustainable lifestyle that I've been maintaining since last December.
  • I actually felt less bloated today and less flabby than I have in a while. Not sure why. Nothing's really different except I've been drinking water like a champ.  I'm already at 100 oz for today and it's not even dinner time yet.
  • My pee is still red and has been since I bought the 10 pound bag of beets.  I just need one serving of beets to change the color of my pee.  I must be very beet sensitive because Linda eats way more beets than I do and her pee is always normal. Just another thing that I can't do right.
  • I got an email from the Running Room last week.  They're looking for a half marathon clinic instructor.  That hurt because that was the clinic I was going to teach this fall.  
  • In retrospect, I've decided to give up Henry Cavill and let Linda have him. I'll take Stuart Reardon instead.  I pinned him over a month ago from Maren's Pinterest board and she did not know who he was.  Neither did I until I did a Google search on the picture yesterday afternoon.  He's beyond beautiful.  He's much too young for me, but so is Henry Cavill. Stuart Reardon is a rugby player and an underwear model.  I'm now following him on Instagram and Twitter (until he blocks me for stalking him).  He dabbles in Paleo but is not a committed Paleoist (therefore he's not Paleo).  I am convinced that he only needs to take one look at me and he will dump his hot girlfriend with the perfect body and take me instead.  I'm an awesome catch with my bat wings, flabby skin and stretch marks. What man wouldn't want me? Did I mention how beautiful my hair is?  He's LGBT positive which is a definite plus in my books because I love a lot of people who are gay and lesbian.  He's British too which just builds on my fantasy life of Regency Romance. I can totally see him as one of the heros in one of the trashy novels I read.  He would look even hotter wearing Regency clothing. Especially the Hessian boots.

Sigh.  He's a bit too perfect.  And I do love the tattoo!
And we are almost like kindred spirits.  He's in a cast as well
for surgery he had on his Achilles tendon.

  • Tomorrow is (potentially) the big day!  If all goes well I will be walking out of the fracture clinic with no moon boot and no crutches.  I'm bringing my right shoe with me in anticipation of this.  If I am told I must wear the cast longer, I will be using the extra shoe as a projectile.  I'm bringing my olive green slip-ons.  They stink without socks and I'm bringing them on purpose, just in case I do have to throw the shoe. 
  • I have to reapply the flea remedy to Baby.  It went over so well the first time, I can't wait.  Hubby will have to hold her down.  She's got the fleas so bad that she took a tuft of fur off her back.  Smitty? She's flea clean and wouldn't care if I put flea remedy on her again.  Every single fall Baby gets fleas and gives them to Smitty.  Then Smitty gets cured and Baby needs a re-application.  I think that we should just send Baby packing.  I love everything about fall except the fleas.  And the clowns. Especially the crazy scary zombie kind of clowns.  Clowns have always scared me beyond reason. And I know clowns can show up in any season. Just thought it was worth mentioning.
  • The jigsaw puzzle I'm working on right now is going to make me crazy.  I can work on it for hours and it won't even look like I put a dent into it.  I need to finish it by Friday because Julien's having some friends over for birthday cake.  I'll either need to be done, or put it away when it's not complete which will piss me off because I have spent way too much time toiling over it.  After this puzzle is done, no more jigsaw puzzles for a long, long time.
  • I'm off to read my latest novel staring the Earl of Rycliff (who looks eerily like Stuart Reardon in my mind).  I am just so ready to be back into my tried and true work and exercise routine.  One more week and I'm back to working all day every day.  I cannot wait.  I have been off my regular work schedule since July 20th.  That is waaaaaaaaaay too long.  And I have awesome fall clothes and riding boots I need to wear.  My mind is mush.  The majority of this post, case and point!

My eats from the past two days.

The food.  I never photograph my breakfast.  That's it on the
bottom right.  Hard boiled eggs.  Boring but easy.