Thursday, October 3, 2013

The post about lots of food, getting stripped and an early Thanksgiving

Roasted beets...beet salad.

  • I think that in today's post I am going to talk a lot about food.  Wonderful food, magical food, marvelous food, fantastic food, beautiful food, glorious food.  Did I miss any Oliver?
  • Yesterday I made an awesome beet salad.  I got the recipe from Pinterest and it was wonderful.  My hubby does not like beets (so I bought 10 pounds) but ate a very large helping of this salad.  Very yummy and it tasted better the next day.  I don't even mind that my pee is red.  You can see the recipe here.  The only thing I changed is that I added thinly sliced onion.  
  • Mona also suggested adding crumbled goat's cheese to the above salad, which would be awesome. I love cheese, but cheese does not love me:(  You could also sub the walnuts for pecans or almonds (as per Mona's other brilliant suggestion).
  • Marc left me comments on my last two posts that made me laugh out loud.  Thanks for the giggles. And just to clarify, a shitload is 10 pounds.
  • I went for a massage yesterday and got my calf muscle on my good leg stripped.  I did not even know I had a muscle knot in my calf, but Mark found it.  Hurt like a son of a gun!

Before and after.  My utility turkey was missing a wing.  Poor bird was an
amputee and we ate it...

  • Since I bought two turkeys on sale this week for 88 cents a pound (they're 87 cents a pound starting tomorrow at Walmart), I roasted one today.  I made my own version of Paleo stuffing.  You can find the recipe on my Facebook page.  It's really basic.  It's my normal stuffing recipe without the bread and milk.  It was a bit crumbly, but gave a nice flavor to the turkey and was yummy just the same. Hubby enjoyed it even though he questioned whether I knew what I was doing. Harrumph!
  • My massage therapist also pointed out to me yesterday that my legs are of noticeably different sizes. Made me feel like a circus freak.  Between that and my visible face divot (oops, dimple) which he also mentioned he could see clear as day, I'm feeling like a real beauty queen right now...NOT!
  • The power got shut off on my street today for ten minutes right while I was blow drying my hair.  My bangs did not fair well and therefore looked a little wonky all day.  Luckily I was staying in today...for the 20th time this past month.
  • I have become addicted to watching Regency House Party.  It was a PBS show a few years back about 10 young people (5 men, 5 women) accompanied by 4 older female chaperones and given identities of Regency-era singles.  They have to live just like they would have in the year 1811 in a huge house in the country.  It's a dating show, but where the participants have to follow the traditions and rules of the Regency-era. Interesting concept that.  I'm still cringing at the fact that they can only bathe once per week and have to use each other's bath water.  
  • I've started, very slowly, my 4th 1000 piece puzzle.  This one is proving to be quite difficult.  There is a lot of water, and from what I can tell, there's not much difference in the shades of water.  I wish I was doing the other puzzle I have, but I've already started this one and therefore committed.  And I may need to be committed by the time I'm done.

Holding one of the ginormous cabbages I bought at Fortino's this week for
$1.29.  I have decided that Smitty has moved down in ranks as "favorite" pet.
I am now favoring Julien's stuffed monkey named Stewie.  I will not let
Smitty lick me anymore.  She did that for a good ten minutes.

  • Upon further inspection of my face, I need a good under eye cream.  I am open to any suggestions and price is an object.  So don't be suggesting anything like Chanel Precision Sublimage Serum ($220 per ounce).  I moisturize religiously, but I'm definitely looking my 43 years!
  • Tomorrow I make turkey soup.  I can't wait.  I love turkey soup.  And I have a ton of carrots, cabbage and onions to add to it.
  • Although I am eating on plan, I am getting a bit consumed with thoughts of eating nuts and fruit. They are still in my house because hubby is eating them.  And rightfully so. He's still training for a half marathon. The bastard!
  • My broken ankle is itchy, itchy, itchy.  I hope that means it's healing.  I think that's what it means. My cheek dimple has been itchy for weeks now.
  • I have gotten lots of positive feedback about the bullets.  So they stay for now.
  • Keeping with my slothful attitude of late, I did not photograph my food journal today. My phone is in the other room and the food journal is right in front of me.  I did however photograph my meals from the last two days.  Enjoy.

Top left: Yesterday I worked in the community. Salad is from Wimpy's Diner. Once
again I ate feta cheese and once again I got stomach cramps. I will truly never learn.
Top right: Piri, piri chicken, rapini with garlic and olive oil, beet salad.
Bottom left: Tuna, beet salad, sliced tomato.
Bottom right: Turkey, stuffing, sauteed cabbage with onion and garlic, cumin carrots.