Sunday, August 9, 2015

The post about a ass-dragging run, protein powder and national cat day...

  • Meanwhile, yesterday on Instagram...
  • Ugh. I did not want to get up this morning. Thank God I had a date to meet Tanya for a run or else I would have procrastinated all morning. We ran out of the Running Room along the Rail Trail. I ran into my yoga instructor and one of her students. I also ran into my girlfriend Elin and hubby Scott who were biking. We're having wine later:-) And Tanya and I ran past a group of 4 elite runners including Olympian Reid Coolsaet. I'd just finished running a hill and was pretending like it was a piece of cake when they ran by. I was secretly dying inside. 
  • After our run we went to our breakfast place for #coffeetime. That was my first coffee of the day. I was seriously incoherent up to that point. Ask Tanya. I couldn't feel my abdominal issues at all while I ran. This is a good thing. Today they feel much better. Still laying off ab work though until the pain completely goes away. Today I need to get groceries and my protein powder. Tanya recommended one that I'm going to check out. Genuine Health Protein Plus. My nutritionist wants me to start drinking smoothies pre-workout so I will give it a go...

  • Look at me becoming a big girl strength trainer. I bought my first ever protein powder. Genuine Health Proteins+ in natural vanilla flavor. I feel so hard core. It's supposed to build lean muscle. Not the bulky kind I've been forming. Putting on the shorts I wore to my dad's place on Thursday was a surprise. They're size 7 jean shorts and fitted. I haven't worn them for about a month. They fit everywhere fine except the legs felt tighter than usual. They were still wearable but I could feel the restraint. I don't want to get bulkier. I want to get leaner. But muscle is muscle so I won't complain. On a side note, I'm wearing a $21 outfit. I've felt cold all day. So I wore my holey Reitman's sweater ($10), Walmart leggings ($8), and Old Navy tank ($3), to Elin's for wine time and a catch up bull session. Time to light up the BBQ...

  • It's today's final countdown. And it's #nationalcatday. Hence the picture of Smitty. She came out of my closet and plopped herself on my gut. Speaking of which, my gut is still achy but much less achy than it was. It still has some way to go before it's back to normal. I may have to forgo abs all week. 
  • I painted my toes today. Got that color from the dollar store. Essie in Shearling Darling. I like deep, dark reds for my toes. Running made my feet ugly and now the gym is giving me man hands. I may have to invest in gloves. I'm getting calluses. 
  • Today's food was not as promising as I'd hoped. I only ate 4x. So here's the lowdown on my eats:

  • Hungry man breakfast (see top right photo)
  • Left over Bolognase sauce w an apple
  • Pistachios and apple
  • Wine 
  • BBQ'd pork chops w tossed salad
  • Still need to drink more water

  • It's just after 9 pm and I'm so tired. 20 more ounces of aqua and I'm off to bed. Gotta figure out what I'm doing fitness wise in the morning, but I think I'll do the stairs and a long bike ride. Till coffee time...

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  1. Glad the abs are feeling better and I just can't get over how you cute you look in everything!