Thursday, August 20, 2015

The post about a pain in the foot, a movie set and returning to my comfort zone...

  • Meanwhile, yesterday on Instagram...
  • It's #coffeetime and my legs are still feeling the effects of leg day from yesterday. I'm not even sure why my knees are so stiff but I'm still running this morning. I promise it will be super slow and ass dragging but I'm doing it anyway. 
  • It's hump day and although I bitch and moan about running a group once every summer, once I'm in the thick of it, I love it. I've a great group of younger youth I'm working with right now and we're having a lot of fun. Today we head out on a field trip via Toronto transit. Really looking forward to getting out of the office for the day. Y'all know how much I hate the office and the office air conditioner. And I'm looking forward to home time later. I missed Julien last night because I was with my sister. 
  • After much deliberation, I've deleted over 100 people off my personal Facebook page. Again, nothing personal. I just kept it open to family and close friends. I already share so much of myself on social media. I need a private place where my family can share personal moments and I don't feel like I'm exposing them when I'm tagged. I think it's the best decision for me and my family...

  • This morning's run was as ass dragging as promised. I've a pain on the outside of my left foot. Not sure why that's happening. I felt it yesterday after meeting with Tony. I did farmers walks on my tippy toes around the gym holding 35 pound kettlebells in each hand for a total of 70 extra pounds. Times that by 2 and that's the extra weight I used to carry around. Don't ask me how I would have managed that. The 70 pounds was hard enough! Anywho the farmer's walks are probably the culprit. I'm still limping a bit. Either way I ran. With my stiff knees and lame foot. Stupid? Perhaps. More stubborn I think. 
  • Seen on my run, a movie set decorated for Christmas. Lots of movies are filmed in and around Hamilton. Especially in the neighborhoods I run through. No idea what's being filmed or if it includes a Hollywood star. No time to stick around or knock on the window of the security guard's car to inquire. Work beckoned me...

  • It's #watertime and I've spent my day reflecting a lot about my eating and I've made several observations. The reintroduction of grains back into my diet is not going that well. I'm eating non-trigger stuff like Weetabix, brown rice and quinoa, But I feel bloated and my stomach feels unsettled. This has been my experience since the weekend when I started eating grains again. I find myself craving veggies and protein more than ever. Maybe my body just got used to not having grains for so long and I'm not digesting them well? Who knows. All I know is that I feel best when I eat the way I'm used to. 
  • My Fitness Pal keeps reminding me that I haven't logged meals today. It's true. I haven't. I've decided that I'm going to return to my old way of eating tomorrow. I'm going to continue having protein smoothies made with cashew milk and frozen fruit on days that I do strength training. I'm still going to log all my food into My Fitness Pal, but mainly to keep track of my fat intake not my caloric intake. It's so hard to get my head around eating for strength training. 
  • I still have no fecken idea what I'm doing, but I know I don't like how my stomach feels. So I'll go back to what I know. It's a bunch of trial and error and I'm really not feeling the grains. Sweet potato will have to continue to be my go to complex carb. And I'm okay with that...


  1. RE: grains. I'm super glad you are associating the GI stuff with the reintroduction of the grains. For me, I was always sensitive to them, but binge ate so bad I could not figure out what was going on. People tell me that I made myself sensitive. Not true at all, I've always needed to be off grains for inflammation and GI health. Always, since the age of 6.

    Kudos. I know a lot of the people in the Facebook group No Sugar No Grains (Vinnie Tortorich) are short, medium and ultra runners that are all fat adapted and fuel with very little sugars and no grains. Great group of people. I'm consistently amazed at some of the top Ultra athletes that get fat adapted and go on to do super well. ( lessen or remove GI symptoms, lower inflammation. I got to meet several in person at Vinnie's LA meet up in April 2015.

    Good luck and bravo for listening to your body. It is possible. Onward.

  2. I absolutely think you're not digesting the grains well and I think it's debatable whether you really need them. Good for you for listening to your body!