Monday, August 10, 2015

The post about procrastination, a bike ride and Paddington...

  • It's #coffeetime and I just realized that I have to go back to work tomorrow. My 2 weeks is up:-( The upside is that in 3 more weeks I get another week off. So I really should start planning our trip to Montreal. I didn't do groceries yesterday. Instead I did nothing which means on top of training this morning, I have to do a big grocery shop and laundry and get my house in order. I need stuff like spices and coffee filters. And food. I need food. So excited to pull out my blender for morning smoothies. The last time I used it was to make margarita's in my former life. And I have to get to bed early. Back to the 4:30am routine tomorrow. I've been spoiled with sleeping in while on vacation...

  • This morning I rode up the Hamilton mountain. Makes my legs ache. Love it. And I love riding along the escarpment brow once I get to the top. I can see all the way to Burlington. Something that sucked was when I slowed to turn, and then sharp turned, I pulled my stomach muscle again. It hurt but only for a short time. It's not bugging me more than usual right now. And when I got home I discovered my recovery meal of eggs was eaten!!! So I had to make bacon:-) I really need to grocery shop but first Julien and I are going to visit my girlfriend and her son in Burlington for a play date. Groceries will have to wait until after dinner...

  • A proper #winetime photo. So I'm having BBQ'd sausages and broccoli/cauliflower for dinner. I really, really need to get groceries. But the boy just asked me to have family movie night for the last night before I go back to work. How can I say no? I can't. So I'm only picking up some necessities and shopping tomorrow night. Can you tell how much I detest grocery shopping? I'm seriously out of some majorly important provisions. But I need to watch Paddington and get to bed by 9:30 because I'm back to the 4:30am wake up tomorrow. Need to get my fitness in before I commute to Toronto for my work day...

  • Wanna know what I ate today? Everything. Seems like I had a hollow leg today and I ate non stop. I haven't had an eating day like this in a real long time. So here's the lowdown on my grub:

  • Builder's bar - pre workout
  • Natural peanut butter and sliced apple - post workout
  • One fried egg and bacon
  • Fruit plate
  • Wine
  • Sausages and broccoli/cauliflower
  • Watermelon
  • Lots and lots of water

  • Another thing about today's food is it was higher in fat than I normally have on any given day. That and a lot more fruit than I'd ever eat in one day. But I visited a friend this afternoon and we shared the fruit plate. I just finished watching Paddington. Cute movie. A few things worth mentioning. I miss the UK, people in London are really not that easy to understand (I needed subtitles when I was there last fall because of the accents), and I wouldn't mind having a talking bear. Or a helper monkey. Bedtime...


  1. I go back to work tomorrow morning too! Boo to working to make a living, but I am also going to start waking up at 4:30 starting tomorrow, Got any tips for the early morning routine?

    1. Get to bed early and have everything ready to go. It's hard at the beginning but I've come to love the alone time I get from waking so early. And nothing beats having my workout done. I don't have to think about it again, until the next morning:-)

  2. Yes to helper monkeys! I hate going back to work after hard getting back into the swing of things.