Monday, August 17, 2015

The post about a heat alert, a smoothie and Weetabix...

  • Meanwhile, yesterday on Instagram...
  • It's been a while since I've done an ab check. And they're still MIA. I just did a first sweep of my personal Facebook page. I felt bad unfriending people but I really want to keep that page to family and close friends. Sometimes I want to post more personal pictures of family gatherings and I won't because I wasn't keeping that page private. I still have some decision making to do, but I'm getting there. So no offense to anyone but I'd like to stop untagging myself from family photos that are personal. 
  • Heat alert issued to Hamilton and the rest of southern Ontario. This means I need to get my shit together and run by 7am. I want to bike too. And I need to attend church which means a dress is in order. At least church is air conditioned now. Back in the day we used to bring hand fans. And there was fainting. One more cup and then I run...

  • Busy day. I've run but didn't get to bike. Sat with my dad and had coffee instead. Had a protein smoothie after my run. Recorded all the ingredients and that's the low down on the nutritional info. High in sugar. It's supposed to be for pre-gym so maybe I'll just leave it to that. And I'll try it with some frozen berries instead of a banana. It was yum though. Tasted like a banana milkshake. 
  • My run was truly ass dragging. Check out that pace. It was already freaking humid at 7am. Anywho, it's done. And I attended church with my dad. Thank goodness the church is air conditioned. I didn't look as wilted as I expected afterwards and I refrained from falling asleep. I'm not gonna lie, I couldn't wait to get home and change into my shorts. My dad was stressed because there was a girl about 5yrs old a few pews in front of us and man was she distracting. She was all over the place. We had brunch when we got back. Holy moly bacon has lots of calories. My brunch was over 700! I'm off to pick up the last of my groceries with my dad. Just put a pork roast in the slow cooker...

My 647 calorie dinner. Pork loin roast, onions, green beans, salad, dijon mustard.

  • It's today's final countdown. I had 40 calories to spare according to My Fitness Pal. And I'm still not at all familiar with macros, but apparently I'm not eating enough carbs and I am eating way too much fat. So I must keep that in mind. I just discovered the macro chart today. Now I know what my daily percentages are supposed to be. Science is hard yo! I worked in not just one, but 2 glasses of wine. My brunch was fat heavy (bacon and avocado). And it was also my biggest calorie meal. 
  • I'm not gonna lie. This way of eating makes me super uncomfortable. Today I bought Weetabix. Jeez. I haven't eaten anything like that in 4 years. And that would have been Life cereal. I loved that shit. A huge bowl for an evening snack. The Weetabix ain't gonna be as fun. It's one cube to 1/2 cup of cashew milk for a snack. I'm eating alright, this way of eating just takes way too much thought. I wonder how long before I cave and go back to phase one of Dr. Poon. I'll give this a couple weeks. If I don't lose, I'm heading back to my comfort zone. The pic of baby? It's her #sundayselfie. She's not amused...


  1. Counting every little bit is difficult for me too. It involves too much math.

    I'm just curious. What temperature warrants a heat advisory in Canada?

    1. If we have 2 consecutive days of 31C (88F), but no one takes that temp seriously. With humidex, it gets around 40C (104F). That requires AC to be turned on:-)

  2. I hope you do not unfriend me. But I do understand. You are an inspiration to me and I read your posts every day.

  3. I've only kept family and close friends on my Facebook. I just deleted over 100 people. I had to because I need some privacy for my extended family. You can follow my blog via email. There's a widget on my sidebar. Thanks for reading my blog and being such a great supporter:-)