Monday, August 3, 2015

The post about Sunday Mass, accessorizing and a BBQ with my family..

  • This happened on Instagram yesterday...
  • It's #coffeetime, suck it in edition. Beans are not my friend. Maybe I over did it with the bean salad yesterday. I should really take it slow when reintroducing old foods again. I think it was the kidney beans. It's been a while since I've had them. Other than the bloat I'm feeling fine. Gotta get some serious fitness in this morning. My dad's here so I gotta run and bike and get him to mass later this morning. Going to church with my dad is our thing and something I do with him when he's visiting. I went every Sunday as a child and a teen. My dad is a devout Catholic and goes to daily mass. Although I could just drop him off and pick him up again, it makes him happy when I attend with him. So I gotta get a move on. It'll take me 2 hours to get my run and ride in...

  • Busy day so far. I ran, did HIIT on my bike up the escarpment, made my dad breakfast, attended mass with him, got some groceries at Walmart, went to the liquor store, marinated my meat for my BBQ later with my brother and now I'm gonna put up my blog from what I did yesterday. Is it #winetime yet? Nope...

  • I'm onto my fourth costume change today. First I wore jammies, then running gear, then church clothes, then shorts. I loved going to church today. Me and my dad went to St. Patrick's for mass. It was my former parish before we moved last summer. Such a beautiful church. And I actually got choked up during the procession at the beginning of mass because the church bells rang to the song we were singing. So beautiful. And there was a woman who sang Hallelujah and I swear to God she sounded like an opera singer. I wanted to clap when she was done. 
  • This is a hard time for my dad. For all of us. My mom's birthday is tomorrow and the date of her death is Friday. He held my hand for most of mass which made my heart hurt. After mass we went to Walmart for dinner stuff, then the LCBO. The elderly have no filter. While we're walking through the LCBO my dad yells, "Leigh Anne, everyone's looking at your legs". LMAO! Thanks dad. Although I'm frugal with clothes I love my accessories. And I pay more for my jewels and clutches than my clothes. But I always still get stuff on sale. I'm patient and I can wait till prices drop. I was gonna take the blue clutch but I like a splash of color, so I went with coral instead. All my accessories today were from Stella & Dot. I better get #winetime under way. My brother has arrived...

  • Wanna know what I ate? Read on. I'll list it all because I didn't eat enough today and I can remember everything easily.

  • Banana - pre run
  • 3 slices of bacon & 4 eggs - post run
  • Orange 
  • Almond butter (with a spoon)
  • Red wine
  • Pork souvlaki
  • Green beans w onion and mushroom
  • Village salad

  • I failed miserably at eating every 3 hours. I've got it so ingrained in my head to eat only when hungry that I forget to eat. I never imagined having this problem. Ever. I used to eat all day long. Tomorrow I really need to get some healthy snacks. I talked about getting them last week and I'm nothing but a procrastinator. I need to step my nutrition game if I'm going to drop this extra fat. You need to eat quality food frequently to lose. That's a fact.
  • My BBQ with my brother and father was a hit. They love eating all the veggies. My dad just wishes I'd eat a potato. Although I don't have them myself, I serve potatoes for my dad and brother whenever they're over. Potatoes done anyway is my dad's favorite food. That and ice cream. I got a small lemon meringue cake for dessert. Apparently it was good. Lemon is my favorite flavor...