Sunday, August 2, 2015

The post about holiday traffic, a day on the farm and calorie counting...

  • It's #coffeetime and why do I feel so guilty taking a rest day? I did want to get something in this morning but alas, I slept in. I've gotta leave the house early because we're driving to the Peterborough area for my cousin's son's birthday party and I've got to get my dad first. A day of family fun on the farm. Not sure what we're eating but my cousin's wife is so mindful of my diet. I know they'll have lots of meat and veggies. I love that no matter where I go to visit, whether family or friends, I'm always supported for my healthy eating choices...

  • My current POV. Driving eastbound through Durham on the 401 during the holiday weekend is no joke yo! We've been in traffic for over an hour. Funny story, my oldest girlfriend Nokomis pulled up beside us. She's on her way to her summer home near the Ottawa Valley. I only got to yell at her for seconds before we moved on. Julien and I are running out of amusements. The most fun we're having right now is picking sunflower seeds off of the backs of my thighs. We spilled them and I've sat on them...

  • Who wears light colors to a farm? I do:-) It's a beautiful day here in Millbrook and the temps are much cooler. I'm wearing my $30 outfit here. The tank and sandals were $3 each from Old Navy. The shirt ($8) from Old Navy. The shorts ($11) and sunglasses ($5) are from Reitman's. Lots of fun spending time with my cousin and his family. My dad is wandering around and eating wild raspberries. I'm taking him home with me tonight:-)

  • A day at the farm and lots of fun was had. Tons of beautiful scenery and bugs. Picked some wild raspberries, launched a rocket, and did some exploring. Saw the feral barn kittens and I think I'm gonna score me a bunch of fresh garden veggies before I leave. My dad is loving the time away from the city. Can't beat the quiet and the fresh air up here...

  • My day of food. This is pretty much what I ate at the farm. Clockwise from top left:

  • Kale and cabbage salad
  • Fresh raspberries
  • White #winetime 
  • Cafe au lait 
  • Bean salad
  • Raw veggies
  • Chicken kebabs

  • I'm pretty stuffed and my tummy feels bloated. It's the beans. I agreed to start eating legumes again (at the advice of the nutritionist) and I'm not used to it. That bean salad had kidney beans and chickpeas in it. I will solider through though.
  • I had an interesting conversation with a woman at the farm who lost 50 pounds calorie counting. She insisted that was the only way to lose and maintain weight loss. Although I don't dispute that worked for her, I told her there were other effective methods to weight loss. She shook her head and said it's science. Calories in, calories out. I didn't say anything and my cousin's wife said, "how much did you lose Leigh Anne"? When I said 140 pounds from my highest recorded weight the woman said, "so you're an excellent calorie counter"! I just smiled at her and said that I've not counted calories in many, many years. 
  • Calorie counting works for her because she can eat in moderation. As a binge eater I had to permanently cut entire foods and food groups out of my diet. I commend her for her success and ability to limit herself, but I cannot have the same food freedom as she has. And that doesn't bother me. The one thing that made this weight loss experience successful (when I failed so many previous times) is accepting my issues and limitations with food. That and thinking of food as fuel instead of a source of entertainment or comfort. Letting go of my former binge foods was so incredibly freeing and it made me feel powerful and strong. And I always ate till I was full. Another perk of low carb, high protein, for me...