Friday, August 14, 2015

The post about feeling like the Hulk, fat loss and Thursday night haiku...

  • Although I just wanted to stay in bed today, I got myself to the gym to do upper body with Tony. I worked hard! I feel like I'm pumped like the Incredible Hulk right now. But I see my photo and I just look the same. I'm going to cave and get me some gloves. I'm getting some prime calluses on my hands. I need to have pretty girl hands. Always. 
  • Today I showed Tony my before picture. He'd never seen me pre-weight loss. He couldn't believe it was me. And although I told him how much I used to weigh, I don't think he envisioned me that big because he said, "whoa, you were really big". Yep. I was really big. And unhealthy, And unable to climb a flight of stairs without getting winded or being in pain. 
  • Some of the stuff he has me do? It just boggles my mind that I can even do one let alone 10 reps of 3 or 4 sets. Pushups, pullups, ring pulls. Supporting my own body weight. I've still got a long way to go but I'm proud of myself for doing all this stuff even though it always makes me nervous before I even do the first one because I'm afraid of failing. I haven't failed at my health for years now. Gotta keep my perfect record going! Today I head to Toronto for a couple client meetings then I'm in Brantford to visit my sister. Girl's night tonight:-)

  • Although I'm often told that I'm currently my after, I know I can be more. Don't get me wrong. If I stayed right where I am right now for the rest of my life, that's a huge accomplishment. But I know I can do better. That's why I make goals that scare the shit out of me. Tomorrow I've a meeting with my nutritionist. I'm gonna ask for a fat loss eating plan and discuss how to build lean muscle. I'm building muscle, but I'm getting bigger. My skinny jeans that I'm wearing today? Snug in the legs. Another area I've noticed has gotten bigger? My chest. And a couple of girlfriends have noticed my "un-enhanced" bosom. I've not really noticed looking at myself, but my fitted shirts are tighter across the chest.
  • I've been working with Tony for exactly 2 months now. He told me that I'd be getting bigger as I got stronger but I want to build muscle and get leaner. And I can still stand to lose some stubborn body fat. So although I'm definitely seeing muscle definition where I've never seen it before, I need to figure out the eating part. I know the quickest way for me to lose is to go back to strictly protein and veggies that aren't too starchy. But I wonder if I should try to count macros or calories. I've never done either. And I'm open to change. So I've got some more planning to do. Figuring out all this stuff is so confusing. Life was so much simpler when I was just losing weight...

  • I believe my #winetime days are numbered. As are my mixed nut, plantain chip and fruit days. Today Tony told me I may have to stop running in order to get the results I want. He thinks I should be doing HIIT everyday with strength training and cut way back on the cardio. He also said I would likely bulk up in my upper body. And I believe I am, but my legs are bulking too. I'm going to bring him a photo of how I'd like to look so he can get a better idea of how much fat I need to lose. Like I said before, I've not a lot of extra skin from weight loss, but I'm soft. 
  • I've 5.5 weeks till my arms get lifted and my outer thigh fat gets lipo'd. I'd like to be in the best shape I can going into surgery. I saw one of my female clients today and she hasn't seen me for 3 weeks. She told me my upper body looked bigger. I asked if she meant fat and she said that I looked broader. I've gotta try on my fitted blazers. Then I'll know for sure. I just want to be strong, not amazon like. I don't have the boobs to pull that off...

  • Thursday night haiku:

Cat tail is on my bosom
Claws deep in my thighs 
I'm kneaded more than I need

  • Not too bad. I'm a bit rusty. Who am I kidding? That's horrible! This is today's final countdown with Smitty. I was supposed to be having wine time tonight with my sister, but she's feeling under the weather. So its early to bed tonight because I'm running in the morning. After I run, I get to have a massage before I have my meeting with my nutritionist. 
  • I'm looking forward to discussing my fat loss goals and getting a new diet plan. Maybe I'll even download one of those fancy food tracker applications so I can properly track everything that goes into my mouth. I didn't eat enough times today. I finished my mid-morning snack on my drive into the office. Then I didn't eat again till 4 pm. That's way too long in between meals. I need to get back into the habit of regular meal prep and food shops. I've been so lazy this week. 
  • I'm going to start cleaning up my social media. I keep five different social media outlets going and it's sometimes all too consuming. And I need to separate my personal page (ie: Facebook) from anything public. I'm friends with people on Facebook I've never even met. I'd like to keep that page open to family members and close/childhood friends only. I'm flattered people who know me from my blog want to friend me, but honestly, I rarely post to that page and everything I do post is also posted on my Poonapalooza Facebook page. Sometimes I want to post private stuff for family and I won't because there is a public aspect to that page too. And out of respect and privacy for my family, I'm going to simplify. I've been giving this a lot of thought. I'm going to give it another week, then I'm making my personal page more private. So that's my next project...