Sunday, August 16, 2015

The post about a really big grocery haul, calorie counting and Safari Niagara...

  • It's #coffeetime and I was way off my selfie game yesterday. Life got busy around dinner time. My dad is with us till Monday. After dinner we ended up heading to Walmart for my major grocery shop. It took 2 hours. And $240! And I still have about a dozen items to get. I'll finish up tomorrow. My most exciting buy? Big bags of overripe bananas for a buck. Peeled them, put them in a Ziploc bag and froze them. Now I have bananas for my pre workout smoothies. I attempted to buy quinoa. No idea where it's located. Probably where the rice is. But I got brown rice in a pinch. That's another grain I'll never binge on. Not my favorite. It was just strange buying foods I haven't in a while. Oatmeal, cottage cheese...and I've never purchased cashew milk before. So confusing. This morning I run with Tanya then the family is headed to the zoo for the afternoon. Gotta keep a close eye on my dad. It's supposed to be a hot one...

  • Hard run this morning. The Cootes Loop is no joke yo! Especially when you haven't run hills in a while. Tanya crushed it. I was lagging. And boy did we get our sweat on. I'm sure I left a puddle on my seat at the Westend Diner. Today I track my food and count calories. I've downloaded My Fitness Pal at the suggestion of my good friend @2cream3sweetner. I like it. It's simple and I don't need to put any thought into it. Right up my alley. I'm supposed to be losing a pound a week. We'll see what happens. I've not counted calories before but I'm gonna give it the good old college try. Time to hit the shower. I'm ripe:-(

You're a teaser, you turn 'em on  
Leave them burning and then you're gone 
Looking out for another, anyone will do 
You're in the mood to dance 
And when you get the chance...

  • I'm doing a #SaturdaySelfie because look at those shoulders! I'm definitely seeing some definition there. Enroute to Safari Niagara with the family. Singing along to some Abba and Julien asks, "Mommy, how would you tease someone to turn them on? What does that even mean? " Nervous laughter ensued. And I said I had no idea:-) It's fecken hot today. I'm throwing caution to the wind and going sleeveless. I just don't care anymore. Five weeks and counting down till my new arms...

  • Such a fun afternoon at Safari Niagara with my family. Saw lots of beautiful animals and me and my dad fed the giraffes. They have giant tongues that feel like cat tongues. It was warm but we stayed hydrated and stopped for snacks. My faves were the lions and gibbons. I don't understand how anyone can kill these beautiful animals for trophies. And I read that there are only 5-7 thousand Siberian tigers left in the wild. That's a scary statistic. Afterwards we stopped at, drum roll please, Swiss Chalet for dinner. I figured I should be done eating for the day but My Fitness Pal says I still have over 700 calories to consume. Winetime happens when I get home...

  • Today's final countdown happens as I lie in bed with not one, but 2 cats plastered against me. So without any further rigmarole here's the deets. Today was my first day ever calorie counting. I came in under my goal. I was given extra calories for running this morning. I'm not sure if I liked using those calories. But regardless I ate healthy and I ate enough. Three meals and three snacks. I was also able to have 5 oz of wine (122 calories). Tomorrow I run, then make a smoothie, then go to church, then eat brunch with my dad,. And I still have some groceries to get before the work week starts again. I haven't moaned about my aches and pains lately. My abs are fine. Never felt better. But my shoulders/pecs? I'm now rubbing Voltaren on them...


  1. Looking fabulous! Love your blog! Love the wine too! Have a fantastic day!

    1. Thank you:-) Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  2. My only issue with MFP is that I think in some cases, it gives people an excuse to overeat. What I mean by that is the calorie banking. It doesn't take individual metabolisms into account (I understand why it can't) so for those who have yo yo dieted throughout the year or had surgery previously (like me), our metabolisms are jacked up and you can't eat as much as they say you can. I use it more for calorie tracking as opposed to using it to tell me how much I can have.

    I've rattled on a bit. Sorry about that. You look fabulous and very warm!

    1. Rattle away:-) I'm not a believer of the calorie counting. And I'm only 4 days in. But I know it works for some. Just not for me:-)