Saturday, August 29, 2015

The post about my last day of work before vacation and still not getting my mileage done!!!

  • Meanwhile, yesterday on Instagram...
  • It's #coffeetime. God said let there be light and there were pot lights. I went to bed last night with a dark kitchen and woke up to lights this morning. Uncle John was here when I got home yesterday. He finished installing my pot lights well into the night. He's passed out in Julien's room now. I had to sleep with the clinging 7 year old. I didn't sleep great. He's a loud breather and a night cuddler. I'm a light sleeper and don't like touching in my sleep. I decided to rest today because I'm going to the gym the next 2 days and I need to work in a day of rest. So today I shall do nothing. I'm in the office today. And I'm doing my mileage for realz. I also have a couple meetings then I'm off till after Labor Day. Happy Friday:-)

  • #Winetime has finally arrived. And I'm off till after Labor Day! Still no mileage done. But I did get lots of odds and ends done. I feel like I'm prepared leaving on vacation from work. I still have a to-do list, but I'll do that while I'm recovering from my surgery next month. 
  • Today I felt lean. I wore light colored pants for likely the last time this summer. Fall is upon us! I had to keep pulling them up. My waist/hip area was quite roomy. I've only worn them once before and I remember them being snugger. 
  • What I need to do is take my measurements. The scale isn't going to help me but measurements will. Today I wore one of my favorite costume jewelry pieces. My gifted necklace from the Marilyn Denis Show. It was originally from Loft and retailed for around $90, so it was a nice score. I'm going to eat. My calories are low today and I need some quality food in me. I'm hitting the gym in the morning...

  • Today's final countdown sans Smitty. She abandoned me. I can't even attempt haiku without my muse. Lucky for you:-) Either Monday or Tuesday we will be going to La Ronde in Montreal. CAA has discount tickets for members. Found some online through a Montreal Groupon type site that were cheaper so I got those instead. I went to La Ronde when I was a girl during a family vacation. It was called Man and his World back then. I'm sure it's very different now. Julien's stoked. I see they have a scary clown house. I will be steering clear of there! 
  • Although my calories were a bit low before dinner, I ate all the chicken breast and ratatouille and made up for it.
  • Carbs low ✔
  • Protein high ✔
  • Fat low❌
  • Even though I don't eat bad fats, I can't seem to get my fat intake lower. It's all the eggs I eat. And all the avocado I eat. And all the extra virgin olive oil I use. I guess the up side is that I'm not eating processed fat. No ranch dressing or cheese here. Unless of course I'm at my sister's place. Then all bets are off. Bedtime. Gym session in the morning...