Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The post about a conversation with my dad, celebrating a life and weight loss "coaching"...

  • Meanwhile, yesterday on Instagram...
  • It's #coffeetime and I'm fecken cold. Hamilton didn't get hit so hard by that storm last night like the rest of southern Ontario. Just heavy rain and wind. And it brought in a cold front. Not sure what's happening today. I'll need to entertain the boy somehow. I'm gonna do the Wentworth stairs and get a long bike ride in. I only got HIIT in yesterday. 
  • My dad left with my brother last night. I'm back out to his place on Thursday for a doctor's appointment. Yesterday I told my dad about my arm lift. And I started the conversation all wrong. I said I'm having surgery in September which caused instant panic on his face. Julien was there and said, "don't worry Poppy. She's just having her arms cut off". Which didn't help. But after explaining the situation to my dad he relaxed. And I assured him that it was going to be quick and easy. In and out the same day. 
  • I was gonna leave the outer thigh liposuction out of it but Julien says, "Don't forget to tell him about the fat sucking on your legs mommy". He understood about the arms but didn't like hearing about the liposuction. I know my outer thighs are mostly only noticeable and bothersome to me, but I figure why not get rid of something that bothers me if I can. My dad said I'm beautiful just as I am and I don't need anything done. Sweet man. And of course he told me I exercise too much and should eat more than veggies and meat:-) Typical dad...

  • I've shown this photo before. This is my favorite picture of me and my mom. She passed away less than a year after my wedding. My mom planned my entire day. I gave her full artistic license. She even chose the style of and made my wedding gown. She was losing her battle with cancer at this time. There was way more important stuff going through my head than what kind of flowers I should choose. Today she would have been 84 years old. I remember as her last birthday approached, I prayed she wouldn't die on the day we celebrate her life. My prayer was answered and she passed 4 days later. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her. Although we are not blood related, she always was and always will be the most influential woman in my life❤ #adopted...

  • Got my activity in today. This morning I ran to the Wentworth stairs, then walked up and down them them twice (1050 steps), and then ran home. I came in just long enough to eat a couple spoonfuls of nut butter and an orange then headed back out again on my bike. I did my long ride up the escarpment. The wind was strong which made riding downhill work. My legs feel wobbly and I like it. 
  • Wanna know what grinds me? People who have lost weight (commendable) then market themselves as being a "weight loss coach". In my opinion, unless you have credentials in nutrition and personal training, you should not be "coaching" anyone. Losing weight does not make you a weight loss expert. What worked for me may not work for you. I've no problem sharing how I lost weight and showing my meals and activity, but I'm not qualified to advise anyone on lifestyle. I can only share what finally worked for me after years and years of yo-yo dieting and offer encouragement and new ideas. 
  • I'll only take my coaching from my nutritionist and personal trainer because they're actually qualified to build programs geared towards me and my goals. Being coached by someone who will never lay eyes on you and will give the same plan to everyone regardless of their health needs and fitness goals is irresponsible and nothing but a cash grab. Because you know, even though they all want to help because they've been there, weight loss coaching doesn't come for free. I've gotta stop "exploring" Instagram. It pisses me off way too much...#rantover

  • It's #winetime and I'm finally clean. But I felt so unmotivated to groom beyond the essentials. I was gonna put off shaving for another day but I have training first thing in the morning and I don't need to give the regulars something else to rib me about. Being called the "light lifter with hairy legs" could truly damage my psyche. So instead I decided not to brush my hair and let it air dry #rebel. A cold front came in for a hot second this morning and now it's warm again. Julien had a friend come over and I'm making them pizza for dinner. I get bunless burgers and grilled veggies...

  • Here is today's final food countdown. I will once again share everything that went into my mouth:
  1. 2x coffee with cream
  2. Banana - pre workout
  3. Nut butter and an orange - mid workout
  4. 4x hardboiled eggs and summer squash with tomato and onion (see bottom left and bottom middle pic) - post workout
  5. Mixed nuts
  6. Red wine
  7. Bunless burgers with grilled veggies
  8. Lots and lots of water
  • I got the summer squash from my cousin's farm. You cook it just like a zucchini. I just sautéed it with olive oil, tomato, onion and salt and pepper.
  • The grilled veggies were red onion, mushroom, eggplant, zucchini and garlic drizzled with olive oil and BBQ'D in a foil pouch. When they're done I toss them with salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar.
  • My bunless burgers are made with a few pounds of extra lean ground beef and I add 1 egg, 1/4 cup of coconut flour, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper and Italian seasoning. Mix it thoroughly by hand and form into patties. I've lots of left overs which means I have protein on the ready for after the gym tomorrow.
  • Not counting the liquids, I ate 5x today. So that's a good thing. Eating 5 - 6 times per day is my personal goal as per my nutritionist and trainer's advice...