Friday, September 25, 2015

The post about bruising, itching and tattoo planning...

  • Meanwhile, yesterday on Instagram...
  • Oi! Just dragging myself outta bed. It's so late I'm doing #coffeetime with Julien. So stiff. You'd think with all the sleep I'm getting I'd be wide awake most of the time. But the painkillers do me in. And I need them to lie down because my back end is swollen and black and blue. Sounds super sexy huh? Maybe today after I shower I'll venture out for some surgical tape. I know. Sounds so exciting. I think I'll make Bolognase sauce in my slow cooker too. That with some zucchini noodles for dinner will be awesome. Quick note about my eating. I'm eating probiotic yogurt and pineapple. The yogurt to soothe my stomach from the antibiotics and the pineapple for its healing qualities. I'm force feeding myself the rest of the day. I've got no appetite. But I'm doing my best. Gotta keep my muscles...

  • Thus far today. I managed to shower and change my dressings. Still swollen (of course) and now the bruising sets in. Looks worse than it feels. My thighs are much worse. Looked at them in the mirror and just about died. Looks like someone beat my outer thighs with a baseball bat. Really not pretty. Talked to my aunt Dolly on the phone then slept all afternoon. I think tomorrow I'll start weaning myself off of the pain killers. Time to just man up and suck it up. Can't spend my whole life in a hazy cloud...

  • I mentioned a while ago that I would be getting tattoos over my scars in about a year. After they've faded. And a follower asked about it, and I have been looking on Pinterest. Although I've not come close to making a decision yet, I do like these three. The placement of the bottom right is exactly what I want. The one on my right arm will be for Julien and will simply be his name and birth date in script. The one on my left arm will be about my journey. Again, these are not my final choices, but I do like what they say.
  • Top: Don't dream your life, live your dream
  • Bottom left: I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions. (my fave)
  • Bottom right: I could no more stop dreaming than I could make them all come true.
  • I know that tattoos are not for everyone but I love them and have been thinking about placement for a while. Now I've the perfect location. I just need to pick my saying. Don't tell my dad...

  • Today I managed to feed myself almost 1500 calories. It wasn't easy. And I managed to eat a ton of fat. Twas the 2 Italian sausages, avocado and 3 eggs. I also ate chicken breast so I think I got enough protein into me. If given the choice right now, I'd not eat at all. My appetite is non existent. But that's not going to help me heal. So my goal is to get 1500 calories in per day. And I'm drinking all the water, as per Dr Patterson's instruction. Lots of bathroom breaks which is my only exercise right now. 
  • Laying down with my knees bent and my arms over my head is the most comfortable position I can be in. Tomorrow I'm starting the weaning of the painkillers. And this is new. I'm itchy where my incisions are. My arms but especially my lipo incisions and all over my outer thighs. Can't scratch because it aches too much. Drives me batty tho. Hard to distract myself since I can't even hold a book up to read. Maybe that will happen tomorrow. A girl can hope...


  1. IMHO...wait on the tats until you see the scar line a year or more from now. The scar lines will fade and might not be noticeable. You have worked so hard on your body don't deface it with tattoo's!!

    1. That's where we differ. I love tattoos and would get one even if the scars completely fade. I think they're beautiful. Looking forward to it:-)

  2. I vote for the bottom left quote. I think the itching means you're healing. Audiobooks!

  3. Itching is a good sign. I like the bottom left because of the irony of getting it over a scar and it saying "stitched together." LOL.

  4. I'm checking in late but I wanted to weigh in. ;-) I love the bottom left quote and the top one. (Not that my opinion matters, but still.) And you should definitely go for it!! I love tattoos I wish I could afford more.