Monday, September 28, 2015

The post about a much better eating day and my 1st winetime in over a week...

  • It's #coffeetime and it was easier to get out of bed this morning. That must be progress right? I was definitely less stiff and sore. Today I mindfully eat more protein and pineapple. I forgot to eat pineapple yesterday. This is my favorite time of the day because I take my dressings off and let my incisions just be. The bruising is pretty bad looking right now. I have affectionately dubbed my arms Frankenarms. They may look scary now but this time next year I'm going to have the sexiest, sickest arms ever. Ok, maybe not in the whole world, but damn good for me.
  • You just can't please everyone and I know that. Someone messaged me and said I was a fraud because I never showed my arms and suddenly I got an upper arm lift. Now that's just crazy talk. I didn't show my arms because I was self conscious of them. But if you've been reading my blog from the beginning, I've never hidden the fact that I had lots of lose skin under my arms. I've always talked about it openly and said that I'd be getting them done when the time was right. The time was now and it's the best decision I've made for myself since being on maintenance. 
  • Even after losing all the weight I did, self confidence does not come easy for me. This was much needed for me to gain some confidence and continue to work towards healing my mind. And my scars will always be something I'll be proud of. I'll get tattooed but they'll still be there. They will always be a reminder of the woman I once was. She's always going to be a huge part of me. And she was someone I'll always be thankful to. Without her and the lessons she taught me, I wouldn't be who I am today. And I'm proud of her for never giving up...

  • Today's progress. Doesn't actually look like much. My arms are bruised up and swollen. I think the swelling is from laying down and holding my phone over my head. It cuts off circulation when I do it for too long. So I'm trying to stay off my phone today:-( FFS! That's all I had. Winetime didn't happen with Elin, but I did lay off the painkillers and I may just have my own winetime later. 
  • Although my incisions look like ass, much less oozing happened today and they are 100% itchy. Only one day of antibiotics left. Yay! My food pic depicts my breakfast this morning. Left over Bolognese with two fried eggs and pineapple. Lunch was a protein smoothie made with pineapple and a double shot of protein. Still no bowel movement. I know you're all stoked to hear that. Finally caved and bought Senokot. It worked like a charm after my c-section. And Facebook told me that the pic on the right was taken 5 years ago today. How adorbs is that boy? 

  • I had a much better day eating wise today. Look at all of that protein! And I had 2 cups of pineapple today. I'm not gonna lie though. My tummy is bloated and hard. Hopefully the Senokot will take effect by morning. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. And keeping it real. That's the glam life of painkillers for ya.
  • I laid off the painkillers today so I could have #winetime. Not sure if it was worth it. I know, I know. Wash my mouth out with soap. Saying something so negative about wine. But I couldn't sit for long on my porch to enjoy it. My bum hurts:-)
  • My sister-in-law called today to check on me. And we talked about the discomfort of the incisions because of the pulling and itching, but I made it clear to her that regardless of that, I'm good. I paid for this. I signed up for this surgery and honestly, all this discomfort is 100% worth it to me. And I'm healing. Not as quickly as I'd like because I'm impatient, but I'm right where I should be. Sometimes I wonder if I come across as a whiner and I just want it to be known that at this moment in my life, I'd rather be nowhere else but bored in my house healing from an arm lift. Because even with all the swelling and bruising, I never dreamed I'd have arms that look like they do right now. Can't wait to see how they'll look in 3 months...