Saturday, September 5, 2015

The post about a nervous runner, a broken fibula and the CNE...

  • Meanwhile, yesterday on Instagram...
  • It's #coffeetime and I'm having one more cup, then I run. Today will be busy. Running, banking and bills, then spending the day at the CNE with the family. Julien's excited. His favorite ride in the whole world is there. I'm looking forward to walking around and getting out of the house. We did nothing yesterday except hang out at home. I'm nervous to run right now which is silly. I've not run for 9 days but it's not like I haven't done cardio during that time. So one more cup and I'm off. It's already humid so I should look delightful when I'm done...

  • That was not a good time. But it's done. Hot, humid, ass dragging. Couldn't get my breathing together. Felt so uncoordinated and sloppy. Meh. I'll try again tomorrow!
  • #FlashBackFriday to 2 years ago today. The bottom left picture shows me in urgent care with my right ankle cast. I was training for what I hoped would be my 1st marathon (Road2Hope), and went down during an early morning training run. I broke my fibula and sprained my ligaments badly. I was out for 10 weeks. 
  • I remember being so scared I would gain a ton of weight during that time. I was pretty much house bound because I couldn't drive so I couldn't work. I was off on sick leave for 6 weeks. I actually lost weight and got down to my lowest adult weight ever (156). Since I couldn't run, I made sure my eating was on point and I did a lot of floor exercises. I've not seen 156 since. I came back a stronger runner. My comeback race was the Around the Bay 30k and I crushed it that year. I had a good pace during my comeback time. I've not gotten that back either. And I've never run a marathon and never will because you know, Morton's Neuroma...

  • It's a very late final countdown. I just got home from a full day at the CNE. My feet hurt and I'm dead tired. I'm not gonna say that it was disappointing, but they really need to change it up a bit. Everything is still the same as it has been for years. And there was quite the crowd today. Much to Julien's chagrin, we had to wait in line for rides, which he hates doing. So we didn't end up going on many rides. My dad walked around and looked in the buildings with my husband and we all met at the food building for dinner. 
  • My fat is high again today, but it's because of what I ate before going to the CNE. Avocado and No Frills hot Italian sausage. I ate a half chicken dinner, skin removed with garden salad from Swiss Chalet for dinner. I'm such a creature of habit. I've no problem finding healthy options at the CNE. The food building is full of them. And the pic of the lamb? Because it's fecken cute. You're welcome! 


  1. Leigh I can relate to the higher cardio work out times with more pain. I thought it would be a "good idea" to train and walk a half marathon while 50 pounds overweight. Although obese at the time and that not helping, it was my fuel (cliff bars, biscotti and muffins at Starbucks!!!- no better excuse for a food addict to use... oh ME!) that not only caused me a huge, huge muffin top, but also plantar fascitis- to the point where I almost couldn't walk.

    It took that occurrence to realize I was choosing to inflame my body and to push myself very close to a heart attack in my 40's. I wised up, got low inflammatory food and switched to being a fat burner. It's made a big difference. I still rack up 5-6 miles per day, but not all together.

    Are you familiar with the NSNG (No Sugar No Grains) group over at Vinnie Tortorich? I met several of them and Vinnie in LA in March. Most of their runners are all fat adapted, leaner than ever, and eat high fat diets with super, super good personal records and health. I'm in the FB group over there and people are so, so helpful. I'd recommend it for fat adapted training.

    I'm super impressed with the results that the NSNG group gets. It might be a good match for you.

    Glad you are minding your overall health. I

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thanks for the very helpful comment. I'll definitely lurk over at NSNG Facebook page and see what it's all about. As always thank you for your knowledge and support :-)

  2. Ha, I feel nervous when I haven't run for awhile. Even though I've been a runner for 37 years.