Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The post about a productive work day and why processed carb free works for me...

  • Meanwhile, yesterday on Instagram...
  • It's #coffeetime and I'm feeling surprisingly high spirited today. I'm gonna situate myself on my bed with my laptop and do some work. Got emails to read and reports to write. At least it will keep my mind occupied for a bit. I'm off the painkillers today. And I took my last round of antibiotics. I'm back in to see Dr Patterson tomorrow afternoon. My sutures should be coming out in a week. That will be exciting. I hate the pulling feeling they give me right now. 
  • Along with doing some work today, I need to do laundry. I'm outta yoga pants and leggings to wear. And my compression garment needs to be laundered. Boy I'm sharing some juicy stuff here. Life is pretty basic when you're all holed up in bed. This just in. I had a mediocre BM this morning. Pathetic really. Still bloated with a hard belly. Another dose of laxatives was had. With that kernel of information you can get on with your Monday. At least be thankful you're not me this morning:-)

  • Such a boring picture post. But this is what happened today. My POV for the afternoon. Sorted through my work email and texted several clients. Also read contact logs on line to catch up on cases. Real fun stuff that I got to do from the comfort of my bed. For lunch I had a pineapple banana protein smoothie with an extra shot of protein. 
  • My thighs and arms are the same. Bruised and swollen. But today I did not dress my lipo sight. It has simply scabbed over nicely. And I'm not wearing my compression garment right now because it's being laundered. But I am wearing my winter running compression pants. Oddly, they are lose on me. Especially around the waist. 
  • Someone asked via email what my current eating plan was and what my percentages of macros were. That sounds like math to me. I just record everything into My Fitness Pal and it does all the math for me. Having dyscalculia is no joke yo! But seriously, I follow Paleo the majority of the time. I do use My Fitness Pal, but more to know that I'm eating enough. Especially when I'm training a lot. Right now I need to make sure I'm eating enough to heal properly and protein is my focus. But normally, I naturally eat low carb, high protein, and high fat because I eat all the eggs, avocado and olive oil. 
  • I've not been great at responding to comments on IG this past week and I apologize. I'm trying to limit my phone time because my arms go numb when I hold it for too long. And I always respond to blog emails. Although sometimes it takes a while. Please be patient with me. And because I know you're all waiting with baited breath. Still no BM.

  • No winetime tonight. It was #watertime instead. I love my sparkling water with lemon juice. Not a whole lot happened tonight. I talked to my dad on the phone and ate a ton of chicken breast and cauliflower broccoli medley for dinner. And my eating was on point today. Lots of protein, lots of pineapple, lots of water. 
  • I can definitely feel my incisions more without the painkillers, but it's not horrible. I just wish the clear yellow puss would stop already. It's only on my right arm. And I only notice it in the morning when I apply the Polysporin but it always leaves stains on my gauze and I forget about them then do stuff like, oh I don't know, chat with my neighbors. 
  • I got some messages asking if I've had weight loss surgery because I mentioned it some posts back a couple days ago when discussing what our universal health care system pays for. I have not. I considered it when I began my lifestyle journey and was on the wait list for the surgery, but decided against it when I started having such success following Dr. Poon's Metabolic Diet. I don't believe that any one way to lose weight is better than another. Whether you're successful with low carb, Weight Watchers, weight loss surgery, pre-made meals, whatever. You have to find what's the best fit for you. 
  • Restriction and strict rules is what's best for me because I'm a binge eater and cutting out the foods that I binged on was key to my success. I can have none of something but I can't have just one. And processed carbs was my binge food of choice. That's why Dr Poon's diet worked for me then and Paleo works so well for me now. Both are processed carb/grain free. Usually when I tell people this they give me side eye and say they could never give up carbs like that. I'm here to tell you that you can do whatever you need to do if you want something badly enough. This coming from a former carbaholic who cried when I was told Dr. Poon's Diet was grain free. True story...