Friday, September 18, 2015

The post about saying goodbye to Tony for a few weeks, and thick thigh Thursday...

  • Meanwhile, yesterday on Instagram...
  • Choking down a protein fruit smoothie before 5am is harder than you think. I just want coffee. My body feels so much better for having rested it yesterday. I'm ready to crush the gym this morning. Sweating my ass off is my top priority. I'll start with 20 mins of HIIT and tell Tony to work me extra hard. It will be my last session with him till my stitches come out. So I'll be doing nothing for a couple weeks. Gotta get my gear on and move it. I'm in the office afterwards. Coffee time will be much welcome in a couple hours...

  • Its finally #coffeetime. Got a great sweat on this morning. Had to come home and take off my gym top because it was soaked and I was fecken cold. I've still got the chills. Wonder what I'm going to do in the winter. Tony worked me hard. Told him I needed to go off with a bang. So I got a good solid workout in.
  • HIIT ✔
  • Upper body ✔ 
  • Legs ✔ 
  • Core ✔ 
  • Uncontrollable sobbing ✔ 
  • No mercy ✔ 
  • Just the way it should be. He also did a bit of boxing stuff with me and boy do I have a lot of work to do. Boxing is fecken hard yo! I was only doing jabs holding a 10 pound ball for 30 seconds and my deltoids were screaming. Once I'm back from my surgery, upper body is going to be my focus. Tony said I'm the only client he's ever had where legs were not an issue from the start. My lower body is strong but my upper body and core are weak. So that's what I'll be doing through the fall once I recover. Working my upper body and core hard. Can't wait:-(

  • Today's last word is done with Smitty draped over my bladder. She's gonna have to move in ten minutes! Posting my legs for #thickthighthursday. Wearing a dress in today's heat was a touch messy. In the office it was all good. Comfortable temperature. But in the community? I stuck to every thing. Leather and bare legs do not mix! This is likely the last day I'll rock the summer dress. Leggings and tights and jeans coming right up. And leather. Let's not forget the leather. 
  • So my food from today. I'm leaving 600+ calories on the table. I'm tired of eating. Therefore I'm done. When I was morbidly obese I ate out of boredom all the time. I consciously do something else if I'm bored and thinking about food. Although on any given day, and several times a day, I dream of processed carbs. It's the texture of them that I miss the most. Having a mouthful of crackers or chips or fresh bread from the oven. I could eat that all day. But I won't. The struggle continues to be real...