Monday, September 21, 2015

The post about a busy, busy day...

  • Meanwhile, yesterday on Instagram...
  • The hardest part of any gym workout for me is choking down the protein smoothie before hand. I tried a fasting workout and it doesn't work well for me. Fasting runs are fine and the only way I run but I need the energy of the smoothie to do strength training. I'm light headed without it. Therefore it's #smoothietime. And ab check time. No ab definition unless I lie down. They're still soft. This will be my last gym visit for a few weeks likely. Or until my stitches come out. Today I have to prep my house. I need food and my prescriptions filled and gauze and polysporin. I'll pick that up on my way home from meeting my girlfriend for lunch. Haven't seen her in many, many months. It's time to catch up...

  • It's finally that time. The best part of any gym workout is the recovery #coffeetime that follows. I went off with a bang today. My magic numbers were 12 and 4. That's 12 reps of 4 sets. Pushed a little harder than usual. And I completely obliterated my glutes in the process.
  • 20 mins of HIIT ✔ 
  • Legs and glutes✔
  • Upper body✔
  • Core, core and more core✔
  • I feel accomplished and now I must hit the shower and get my ass in gear. Meeting my girlfriend for lunch at 12:30. Should be an interesting drive to the T-Dot. My bum aches...

  • Today has just been a whirl wind of activity. After the gym I met my childhood girlfriend for lunch in Etobicoke. It's half way between our homes and we usually lunch at the Pickle Barrel. I did not log my food today but I can tell you exactly what I ate.
  • Protein smoothie
  • Almond butter and an apple
  • Bunless Big Blue burger w sweet potato fries
  • Glass of Shiraz
  • Another glass of Shiraz (at home)
  • Pork tenderloin
  • Baby carrots
  • Green beans
  • Orange

  • I don't think I'm low on calories today. My lunch was easily over 1000 without the bun! Meh. Haven't had a bunless burger or sweet potato fries in ages! 
  • Anywho. I got my prescriptions filled, made dinner, started the laundry, did a big grocery shop, blogged and I'm still doing laundry. Tomorrow is my last office workday for a couple weeks. Until I get my stitches out anyway. But I will be working from home the week of the 28th. Lots of stuff I can do to keep me busy. Mileage for one! 
  • I'm not gonna lie. I'm starting to get anxious. I have to start taking my antibiotics tomorrow. And today I stocked up on gauze and polysporin. I'm gonna try and sleep now. I'm hoping to run 7k in the morning. It's only supposed to be 8C at 5:30 am...

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