Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The post about why maintenance stuck this time and an awesome doctor visit...

  • Meanwhile, yesterday on Instagram...
  • Good morning friends. It's #coffeetime and last night I slept in the exact same position from 10pm until 7am this morning. I haven't kept sleeping hours like this since I was a toddler. I did wake just after 3am and contemplated going to the washroom but fell asleep again. I am spoiling myself here. I'm used to 5 hrs a night maximum. Now I'm sleeping a lot and I'm lacking energy. The more you rest, the more you need. 
  • A couple of important observations. I believe my rotator cuff is completely healed. And I've not noticed my aching hamstring in a while either. But to be fair about the hamstring, my thighs feel like they've been beaten by a crow bar so that may be covering up my aching hamstring. While I separated my laundry yesterday I was able to do some pretty deep squats completely pain free. That was exciting for me. Gonna do some work this morning, then I've an appointment with Dr Patterson in the afternoon. He'll tell me today when my stitches are coming out. All in all I feel pretty good. It's just hard to be resting for so long. But before long I'll be all achy from the gym again. Can't wait for that day...

  • It's #transformationtuesday and look at me wearing cap sleeves. I'm actually going out in public like this. On the left I was 25 and approximately 330 pounds. On the right I'm 45 and pretty much half my biggest size. I got better with age. 
  • What made maintenance stick this time where it failed so many other times is because I changed my lifestyle for good, not just for now. I'm never going to be able to eat like I used to again. Not if I want to maintain my weight loss results. Maintenance is a lot of work but it's totally worth it to me. And I had to get honest with myself about what certain foods did to me. Processed carbs and grains are my addiction. Although I was adamant I would never give them up forever, life is much easier with them out of my life. And I feel completely in control and empowered.

  • Today's last word is with Smitty. How I've missed our time together. It rained and was dreary all day. It started out warm and humid and by the time I was in Dr Patterson's office, I was freezing. My appointment with the good doctor went well. I was instructed to do the following.
  • Drop my pants so my lipo sutures could be removed.
  • Begin applying lotion to my outer thighs daily.
  • Continue wearing my compression garment for another 4-6 weeks.
  • Continue to dress my arm sutures for another week.
  • If my arm sutures don't dissolve completely in 1 week, go back to see him.
  • In one week, begin applying scar cream to my arm scars daily.
  • If all goes well, I don't need to see him for 2 more months.
  • He was very pleased with my progress. He said my thighs were fine and I could start running again. Like tomorrow! Insert happy dance emoji here. I need to start off slow, but I can run:-) I still have to lay off the arm stuff for a while longer and I still can't drive for the rest of the week, but I confirmed leg day with Tony on Tuesday of next week. Upper body in a few weeks time. Hence my celebratory glass of wine tonight. Eating was good today. Got some work mileage done today and touched base with clients. My doctor's appointment was definitely the highlight of my day. I'm off to catch some zzzzz's 'cos guess what I'm doing in the morning...